updown release notes
updown release notes

💸 New cryptocurrencies payment provider





We've been using BitPay to accept Bitcoin (BTC) and BCH payment for a while now, but they recently broke our account, without any reason or warning, their support is not responding (of course) and considering the poor reputation and compatibility they created, we didn't even care wasting our time trying to get it back.

Instead we worked on replacing them by a new provider, and took this opportunity to improve our cryptocurrency support. We searched for a solution with at least:

  • A couple other popular altcoins (e.g. ETH, LTC)
  • Lightning Network support for instant transactions with very low fees.
  • A decent UI, not forcing users into giving their personal informations

After some research we settled on CoinGate as our new provider, they checked all the boxes and even support a lot more altcoins. So starting today you'll find a new payment form which should be easier to use:


(the email address is not required)

Please give it a try and let us know if you have any problem with this new provider or if you would really like to use another altcoin not supported here.