updown release notes
updown release notes

🎉 Multi-site status pages





After a couple months of private beta we are now releasing multi-site status pages (example):


You can choose the title, description, list of checks to show and customize the order. It's also possible to serve them from a custom domain like we did for single-page status pages. By the way if your single-site status pages are public, they'll be accessible from the multi-site status page. You should easily find the new feature in the (slightly reworked) top menu:


This was one of the most requested features of all time, and more options will surely come later. Let us know what you think and what you would like to see in the feedback tool or by contacting us.





Also part of this release is a new system to connect custom domains to single-site or multi-site status page, using an additional TXT record instead of only one CNAME:


The advantages are:

  1. It works with ANAME / ALIAS records (or "CNAME flattening"), which means it can be used on root domains now.
  2. It scales better because the hostname containing the token was not good for DNS resolver caching (thousands of similar but different entries).
  3. It can work with transparent proxies like CDNs, as long as they don't prevent us from obtaining the TLS certificate for your domain (ACME challenge).
  4. It can be used with more complex tokens and identifiers which makes it more future proof too and easier to debug.

Don't worry the previous system using only one CNAME is still working and will not be removed anytime soon but you are encouraged to use the new one. The new setup page (which should make it easier to debug problems by the way) will only help you using the new way.