updown release notes
updown release notes

πŸ”§ HTTP/2 supported + some small updates




πŸš€ HTTP/2 protocol is now supported since June 11th, 2022. It is used by default when available, like in most HTTP clients. A small tag has been added to the dashboard to show if your website is monitored using HTTP/2:





πŸ›‘ It is now possible to stop following redirects by providing the HTTP redirect status code in the "contains" field. Read more.

πŸ’‘ updown now detects websites redirecting from dual-stack to IPv4-only server in order to automatically disable dual-stack monitoring. This avoids receiving alerts saying IPv6 is broken when you can't improve the situation, and it no longer have to be disabled manually. Read more.

πŸ“± SMS alerts are now limited to 100/day/account in order to avoid draining credits too quickly during big outages, and also to prevent network operators throttling.