Unsocialise has officially closed with immediate effect

Dear loyal Unsocialisers,

It has been little over a year since Unsocialise was born as an early-access Instagram management and automation tool. All of the teams here at Unsocialise would like to express our deepest gratitude to our users and supporters. Unfortunately, after much deliberation and efforts from everyone here at Unsocialise, with a heavy heart, we are sad to announce that Unsocialise has officially closed as of today 11 September 2019 with immediate effect.

This decision was influenced by the Instagram API updates that has crippled the automation market and severely reduced the efficiency of our system. Our team have been working non-stop to find a solution. And don't get us wrong, we found them... but they didn't last long. Instagram's mission of slowly phasing out third-party providers, such as ourselves, has put us in a sticky position to move forward. Instagram has released their own Creator's Studio which will enable users to plan, manage and schedule posts.

What does this decision mean for me and my data?

Between 11 September and 1 October, 2019:

  • Your subscriptions have been officially cancelled as of 11 September 2019. You will no longer be billed for Unsocialise.
  • Your account will remain active until either your plan expiration date or 1 October 2019, whichever comes first.
  • It's strongly advised to login to get your data from your media library, any connected Instagram accounts and other data that you may find useful.
  • If you require invoices, please send an email to billing@unsocialise.com
  • Unsocialise, and all data surrounding that, will be permanently deleted from our system on 15 November 2019.

Finally, we would like to stay connected to our customers and supporters through our newsletter by sharing upcoming news and benefits regarding Pixify, the studio behind Unsocialise, and its future projects. If you want to stay informed of upcoming news regarding Pixify, you can subscribe to our newsletter from the Pixify official website.

We sincerely apologise for the short notice and we thank you incredibly for your understanding through these difficult times. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by email or telephone:

Email: support@pixify.co.uk
Tel (UK): +44 207 175 1465

Anton C. Lewis
Managing Director

We've Temporarily Closed New Account Registrations due to Ongoing API Issues


Due to the ongoing issue, we've now temporarily closed registrations until further notice. Instagram has made some hefty changes to their API which, as a result, has affected some services and features relating to Unsocialise. Many other tools like Unsocialise have been affected by this change and the team are working hard to rectify the issue.

// Identified issues:

  • Action blocked by Instagram. Attempt to retry in 4 hours.
  • Posts with captions may be removed upon publishing on Instagram.

What should I do?
At this moment, we recommend disabling any tools that are affected by the API update. You may be greeted with our system error message: "You're sending too many requests to Instagram. We'll attempt another request for you in 4 hours."

What is the solution?
The team at Unsocialise are working diligently to accommodate to Instagram's new API updates. This should hopefully take place within the next coming days.

We'll be sure to update you with our progress momentarily. If you notice any additional errors, please send an email to support@unsocialise.com

We thank you for understanding and your extended patience.

Matt James
PR Director

New Instagram API Updates that Affects Unsocialise


We are currently aware of some requests being blocked by Instagram and the inability to use some of the features of Unsocialise. This comes from a recent update made by Instagram early July which changes the way certain functions work.

Please bear with us as our engineers update the API to be compliant with Instagram's update to restore services back to full functionality.

Any affected users will be reimbursed through Credits.

We thank you for understanding and supporting us.

Matt James
PR Director

Introducing Optimiser - Your Personal Growth Specialist


Too busy to optimise your Unsocialise account? Fear no more! We have dedicated in-house growth specialist that will tailor your Instagram accounts to your specification. Our specialists are certified Instagram marketers who know how best to research your target audience and ensure you get better engagement to your profiles.


  • Access to Unsocialise Dashboard
  • Up to 5 Instagram Accounts
  • 3 GB total storage / 25 MB upload
  • Smart Direct feature (only available on Agency & Optimiser plans)
  • Dedicated Growth Strategist*
  • x2/Month Optimisation Frequency

*Your growth strategist will research hashtags of your target audience, engage with users, optimise your posting patterns and update you with your results along the way.

Looking to dive straight in? Email optimiser@unsocialise.com to get started.

Matt James
PR Director

New Agency Plan, 1-Click Relogin Feature & Video Uploading Updates


Our team, as always, has been worked tirelessly to ensure that we keep improving your experience with Unsocialise.

New Agency Plan

As of April 25 2019, we have launched a new plan dedicated to Agencies. You can now connect up to 25 Instagram accounts and manage them all through Unsocialise seamlessly. Alongside this new package, we decided to exclusively throw in our latest feature: Smart Direct. This feature will automatically directly message Instagram profiles with your predefined custom messages. Need more than 25 Instagram accounts?

Single-click Relogin for 'Verification Required' Notices

We have now implemented a single-click relogin feature to Instagram accounts that are unlinked from Unsocialise due to security measures. You can find about more of this update reading this article.

Video Uploading Updates

The team are always working to enhance your experience with Unsocialise. Following the launch of video uploading feature, we have increased the limits of the max video you can upload to our platform to 1920 x 1080px.

Matt James
PR Director

Video Uploading Available & Referral Program - Earn 30% Lifetime Commissions with Unsocialise!


We're proud to announce two fantastic updates to our service. We now cater for video uploading and referral system now available to all of our users.

Video Uploading

You can now upload videos (and set thumbnails) directly from the Add Post screen. For more information about the guidelines with posting a video using Unsocialise, please refer to this guide.

Referral Program

Join the Unsocialise Referral Program and earn 30% lifetime commissions from Unsocialise subscription sales.

Our program in a nutshell

Join our array of marketers who are earning lifetime commissions as a member of the Unsocialise Referral Program. Refer your friends, colleagues, clients, followers and fellow digital marketing experts to Unsocialise and earn commissions from Unsocialise subscription purchases your referrals make.


  1. 30% lifetime commissions
  2. 30-day cookie life – the time between your referral’s first visit to our website and their purchase, within which the commission is tracked.
  3. Personal affiliate area with easy access to earnings data, marketing and promotional materials
  4. Promotional rights to Unsocialise's management & automation services
  5. Monthly payouts and unlimited earnings potential

Happy Unsocialising,

Matt James
PR Director

Increased File Size Upload Limit & Changes to Plans


Following our successful server migration in March 2019, it is with pleasure to announce the following updates to all Unsocialise plans. As of today, 26 March 2019, we have increased file size uploads and storage for all users.

  • Traveller Plan: 1.5 MB > 15 MB Upload Limit
  • Explorer Plan: 2.5 MB > 25 MB Upload Limit
  • Pioneer Plan: 3.5 MB > 50 MB Upload Limit

The Pioneer Plan account no longer caters for 'Unlimited' connected Instagram accounts. We have now limited this to 10 Instagram accounts. In the next coming weeks, Unsocialise plans to release two brand new plans to help cater our platform towards Businesses & Agencies. Stay tuned to our next newsletter.

We thank you for your support and suggestions whilst we continue to make Unsocialise a truly remarkable Instagram management and growth tool.

Happy Unsocialising,

Matt James
PR Director

Smart Repost feature shutting down March 31, 2019


It is with dismay to announce that we are closing down the Smart Repost feature - a tool that enables you repost photos based on your specification. We're officially retiring this feature on March 31, 2019. Our decision to close this feature was due to declining interest and usage of this service over the past several months.

As we're consistently looking to improve our services, we'd like to ensure that we continue to bring valued services and features to help you manage your Instagram accounts effectively.

We thank you for your understanding and we hope that this decision will not inconvenience you in any way. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@unsocialise.com.

Unsocialise Team

Scheduled Maintenance: Saturday 2 March, 12 PM GMT


We hope you've had a splendid week Unsocialising and soaking up all that Instagram goodness!

We want to make you aware that this Saturday (2 March) at 12 PM GMT, there will be scheduled downtime for approximately 2 hours. We will be using this time to add more capacity to our infrastructure and speed up our overall service.

To ensure uptime and stability of the platform, we are performing this upgrade on our infrastructure during this weekend so we can ensure a smooth transition. We'll then be implementing a variety of new features, bugfixes and changes throughout the next coming weeks. As always, stay tuned to our Press Release Notes for more information.

During this maintenance window, the Unsocialise Platform will be inaccessible and email delivery will be paused. All operations around the platform, including scheduled Instagram posts and automated actions, will resume immediately after the maintenance window.

We appreciate your patience and understanding. As always, if you have questions or issues, please submit them to suggestions@unsocialise.com and feedback@unsocialise.com.

Unsocialise Team

Press Release: Scheduled Maintenace, Identified Bug Errors & Changes to Unsocialise


Planned System Upgrade - Scheduled Maintenance

Our development team are in the process of conducting some important changes that will help shape the future of Unsocialise moving forward through 2019. Within the next week, you will receive an email outlining a planned server upgrade which will cause Unsocialise to be down for a short period whilst our engineering team conduct an upgrade of our servers. As a result, starting from 13th February 2019, we have temporarily disabled new registrations to the platform. Existing users of Unsocialise (including those currently on a trial period), can still continue to use Unsocialise during, what we call, 'Project Green.'

Following our update, we'll look to implement PayPal Subscriptions, Video Posting (and Reposting) capabilities, Ability to Tag Instagram Accounts on Posts, 1-Click Re-login (Reverifying Instagram Accounts) and more exciting bug updates and changes.

If you haven't opted-in to our beta program, you can do so by visiting your profile. Beta users will be able to test some new features before they're made public, such as our widely suggested feature: Video Posting.

Identified Errors

Over the past week, thanks to our wonderful members, we have identified the following core issues:

  1. Unable to connect (or re-connect) Instagram account (commonly receiving the error: "Oops! Something went wrong. Please try later.")
    Update: Issue arose following from the Unsocialise update on 05/02/2019 where you were able to select either SMS or Email Verification. This update has since been withdrawn. Problem solved.
  2. Smart Repost does not automatically delete posts once they've been successfully reposted.
    Update: Identified. Working on a solution.
  3. Delay in posting or sending requests to Instagram
    Update: Identified. This issue will be resolved once we have conducted our scheduled maintenance to upgrade our servers. We do apologise for any inconvenience that has been caused as a result.

Agencies & Pioneer Plan Updates

We've noticed the increase in the number of agencies using Unsocialise to manage their clients and their brand. As a result, following our scheduled upgrade, we'll be launching an entirely new plan dedicated to agencies and updating our Pioneer Plan benefits.

What to expect in the new Agency Plan?

  • New Smart Direct feature - target and send messages to an audience specified through hashtags, people and locations.
  • Manage up to 25 Instagram Accounts (option to upgrade)
  • Assigned dedicated proxies (exclusive to the agency)
  • Referral program access
  • Dedicated account manager
  • 24/7 worldwide customer support
  • Max file storage 5 GB

What happens to the Pioneer Plan?

As we're constantly upgrading and improving our service, we sometimes have to make updates to accommodate better enhancements and strengthen our core infrastructure. Accordingly, the following updates will be made to the Pioneer Plan:

  • Max file size increased to 5/mb per post
  • Connected Instagram Accounts from Unlimited to 10
  • Max file storage decreased to 2 GB

You can also now check the status of our platform service by visiting: https://status.unsocialise.com

Happy Unsocialising,

Matt James
PR Director