Twake changelog
Twake changelog

New UI 🎨





We updated the interface of Twake. Our new colors are associated to a deep blue. 🎨

The access to a discussion is now easier with the shortcut ctrl (or cmd) + K. 🏎️

We fixed various bugs including :

  • Creation of public link in the drive
  • Creation of a video conference in a calendar event

Join and leave channel 🌿





You no longer have to be in all public channels. Now you can leave the channels that don't concern you and join the ones you are interested in. 🎉 For that, you just have to clic on the "plus" button in the sidebar. join.gif

Paste your screenshot (ctrl+V) 📯





For months you've been trying to paste your screenshot directly into the chat. From now on, you can ctrl+v your screenshot in your messages! 🎉 Capture your screen, open a message, and use the shortcut ctrl+v (cmd+v on mac) to send your capture with your message. ✂️


Your message page got a huge makeover 🎨





We improved the message area. The infinite scroll is available, no more need to click on the "load more" button. We corrected the threads view. Opening a thread allows you to see all the messages it contains. The drag&drop of messages one into the other is now highlighted. 🔆

By the way, we have reviewed the UI of the messaging system for a better use.


Channels descriptions are here!





We are happy to let you know that the channels description feature is now available! To edit the channel description, ask to an administrator to edit the channel, a new text area should be available.

To put a named link to the description, you can use the markdown format: [Documentation](

Have a very good week 🙂

New thread view





You can see your thread and the reply to your message in a separate view. It's easier to follow and participate in a discussion while doing something else.

Right view thread.gif

We added some little features :

  • Popup user on click on his username
  • Email view in admin panel
  • Better deployment scripts
  • Public roadmap

Open source!





Twake becomes open source! 🌟

We published Twake on github : You can try Twake on your own server and see how it works.

We created several resources for the community to interact with us:

Improve channels, messages, design and welcome to Russian users!





Aujourd'hui nous améliorons légèrement le design de Twake en réduisant la taille des chaînes et de la barre supérieure. Les chaînes 1:1 sont désormais affichées seulement si elles correspondent à une discussion existante. Vous pouvez toujours démarrer une discussion avec une personne en utilisant son nom d'utilisateur. Nous avons effectué quelques améliorations concernant la messagerie, il est désormais possible d'ouvrir les réponses à un message dans une zone spécialisée qui apparait à droite de l'écran (cliquer sur les options d'un message, puis "Afficher"). La langue Russe est désormais disponible sur Twake pour nos utilisateurs.

Today we are slightly improving the design of Twake by reducing the size of the channels and the top bar. 1 to 1 channels are now only displayed if they correspond to an existing discussion. You can always start a chat with someone using their username. We have made some improvements regarding messaging, it is now possible to open replies to a message in a specialized area that appears on the right of the screen (click on the options of a message, then "View"). The Russian language is now available on Twake for our users.

Fix too many push notifications and mail





Nous venons de corriger une erreur correspondant à une duplication des notifications venant du calendrier et des tâches. Cette correction touche également la réception des emails récapitulatifs des notifications de la journée. Passez une très bonne journée sur Twake :)

We just fixed a bug involving duplicated reception of notifications coming from the calendar and tasks. This fix also concern daily emails notifications recap. Have a very good day on Twake :)

Mobile app update





Nous avons mis à jour l'application mobile. L'outil Task est disponible sur les applications mobiles. La création et l'édition de vos tâches peuvent maintenant se faire via mobile. Les tabs ont été améliorés et sont maintenant accessibles depuis les chaînes de discussions. Des bugs au démarrage ont été réparés. L'application est de nouveau accessible sur tous les appareils mobiles

We have updated our mobile application. The Task tool is available on mobile applications. Creating and editing your tasks can now be done via mobile. Tabs have been improved and are now accessible from the discussion channels. Startup bugs have been fixed. The application is now accessible again on all mobile devices.