Turnshift changelog
Turnshift changelog

January / February update

👋 Hi there!

We've been busy piling up new features and fixes. Here's a summary of all the recent changes:

7/7 support

You can now activate Saturday and Sunday as shift days. Previously this was not feasible, mostly because our first users were not working through the weekends. Head over your schedule settings to configure it.

Adjust the number of shifts per day

You can now adjust the number of shifts for each day of the week. This is particularly useful when:

  • you want to do 7/7 days support (activate Saturday and Sunday)
  • you have regular busier days (Monday!)
  • you have regular quieter days (Friday?)

Access this feature on the scheduling settings screen: Kapture 2021-02-16 at 15.59.35.gif

Adjust the number of shifts for a particular date

You can now override the number of shifts for a particular date. This is useful when you exceptionally need more people (black Friday) or fewer/no people at all (company holidays).

Here's how to do it:

Kapture 2021-02-16 at 15.54.47.gif

Limit the maximum number of shifts assigned to team members

By default, TurnShift computes a booking plan automatically. This is handy because you don't have to manually calculate the number of shifts to book per assignee.

But there are cases where you absolutely don't want people to be tasked with more than one shift (or more) per month. You can now configure that in the schedule settings:

Kapture 2021-02-16 at 16.45.26.gif

Other changes:

  • mobile rendering is now good enough in most places, allowing you to administrate schedules and book shifts on the run
  • booking plans are now always up to date, reflecting changes in schedule settings, number of shifts, teams, and team members
  • fixed a bug where we would send "You have to book undefined shifts this month" 😹
  • added a "There's a new version of TurnShift" banner for people keeping a tab open on TurnShift (you know who you are)

On the tech side

  • we upgraded all of our dependencies
  • we now build for es6 browsers only (bye-bye IE11)
  • we added sentry alerts everywhere
  • we moved to Node 14.x
  • we moved to Next.js latest version

🙌 Happy scheduling

View a Schedule Booking plan

You can now view the booking plan for a particular schedule. Get an overview of who booked all required shifts and who still needs to book some.

Pastebot-Dragged-Image-11-01-2021 15:06:31-1.png

Have a great week!

Channel Topic Updates, Privacy, and Pricing

🪄 Channel topic updates

We now update channel topics with who's on shift at the moment and if the shift is currently running. This helps people just coming to the channel understand who they can ping.

We then update the topic when the shift ends and inform who will be on shift next, super handy.

When the shift starts: Topic update on Slack from TurnShift after Shift start

When the shift ends: Topic update on Slack from TurnShift after Shift end

⚠️ You need to accept new Slack permissions (set topic of public channels) for this new feature to work. You can do so on your TurnShift dashboard > organization settings.

🔐 Privacy: We no more need to know about your channel names

TurnShift being a Slack application and Slack being an important part of your work, we aim at limiting our access to your Slack data.

To this goal, we updated our Slack syncing process to avoid syncing slack channel names. Many Slack organizations are creating channels like #cust-$companyUnderNda to talk about their customers. We initially synced those channel names to provide you a channel name search and select on the schedule page.

We choose to enhance your privacy over a slightly better UI.

Here's what TurnShift accesses and sometimes caches from your Slack organization:

  • user id, name, email, avatar URL; (i.e., your employees). Users from shared channels and guest users are not synced (usually not your employees)
  • public channel ids
  • sending messages to public channels
  • updating topics on public channels

And that's it. We still can't and won't read your Slack messages

💸 Pricing

Our new pricing is as follow:

  • monthly payment: €4.20 / user / month
  • yearly payment: €3.50 / user / month (€42 / year). That's two months free per user.

A user is someone you added to one or multiple teams, linked to active schedules.

Kapture 2020-12-21 at 09.45.51.gif

⛑️ Support

  • You can now access our support chat (Crisp) from the main navigation ("Get support"), and we link your Crisp identity to your TurnShift account, so we know who we're talking to.
  • We can now personify your account after your approval to better help you out.

Kapture 2020-12-21 at 09.29.14.gif

🐞🔨 Bugfixes

  • ✅ Lowering the number of required people for a schedule breaks the page
  • ✅ Big channel lists break the page

🤓 Tech

  • We moved to Tailwind v2 and Next.js 10: all good.
  • We started using TypeScript
  • We've added automatic integration testing using https://www.checklyhq.com/: it's awesome :)
  • We now have a way to add or remove Slack permissions and letting you know about them in the Organization settings, see:

Pastebot-Dragged-Image-21-12-2020 09:52:05-6.png

That's it for today!

Enjoy your holidays, if any, otherwise enjoy this cat gif:


November 5 2020

  • You can now disable shift booking reminder notifications. This setting helps if all you want is manual scheduling with shift start/end notifications in Slack.

You can find this setting in Schedules > *choose a schedule* > Settings > Checkbox named "Send shift booking reminders"

Kapture 2020-11-05 at 17.09.18.gif

  • ✅ Bigger avatars in teams lists
  • ✅ Provide UI guidance when shifts are not active or no teams are assigned to them

Shift => Schedule, better Slack sync

Hi there,

1) We renamed Shifts to Schedules on the UI so it's easier to understand. You're creating schedules, not shifts. And then team members are booking shifts inside those schedules.

2) We no longer sync your Slack guest users, because most of the time you don't want it. If you would want them back just send me an email to support@turnshift.app or use the in-app chatbox.

See ya!

Better onboarding, support and shift end notification

Hi there :) Here are today's updates:

  • We added a changelog
  • We added an explanation on why we need you to add the Slack application.

"Login with Slack" (homepage) allows us to know who you are and log you back in. "Add to Slack" (org settings) allows TurnShift to sync channels, users and send messages.

  • Better onboarding: we now redirect you to organization settings by default if you haven't linked your Slack application
  • Support: You can now reach us via support@turnshift.app or using the in-app widget (bottom right, my picture basically)
  • Added shift end notifications:

Pastebot-Dragged-Image-28-10-2020 16:32:18-10.png


Here for the updates

Hi there, we now have a changelog. We're using https://headwayapp.co

Have a great day :)