Tuple changelog
Tuple changelog

Missed call notifications





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Nice, right?

Enjoy :)

Three-player mode





If you've ever added an observer (a third person) to a Tuple call, you've probably run into some surprising limitations.

I'm very happy to report that we just eliminated all those weird eccentricities.

  • Before: you could only add third person when someone was sharing a screen. Now: you can add a third person whenever you like.
  • Before: you couldn't swap who was sharing their screen when three people were on a call. Now: you can swap whenever you like.
  • Before: the observer couldn't see or share their webcam. Now: all participants can see and share webcam feeds.
  • Before: the person who first started a call couldn't leave without kicking the other two participants out. Now: all participants can come and go as they please.
  • Before: only the person who started a call could invite a third. Now: anyone can invite a third participant.

To summarize…

Before: we had this weird observer mode with surprising limitations. Now: everyone on a call is an equal participant.

Sounds kind of simple, but was actually months of work. Classic software development.

A few other things in this release:

  • Heads up! Little/big UX change: if your pair has shared their screen with you, closing the window containing their screen now only stops the screen share. It does not end the whole call.
  • Tuple should now reliably remember your preferred audio device.
  • We've tweaked the icons and behavior of our menubar icons to improve their spacing and legibility.
  • We removed 5ms of latency when sharing a screen that includes your pair's webcam feed. Every millisecond counts, y'all.

We hope you enjoy the new version!

New feature: partial screen sharing





Previously, we only supported sharing your entire display with your pair. This worked fine when using similarly-sized displays, but lead to near-unreadable text when sharing something like a 49" widescreen to a 13" Macbook.

As of today, you can pick a fully-customizable portion of your desktop to share. Just right-click (or Control-click) a contact and you'll be able to pick the portion of your screen to share. See the docs for more details, or check out this demo.

Bugs, bashed





We just pushed a point release that fixes several bugs:

  • A black screen appearing instead of your pair's desktop.
  • Preferred audio devices being ignored.
  • A memory leak.
  • Four of our most common crashes.

We also improved our update flow significantly. Tuple should now automatically download and apply updates in the background. Hopefully, you'll almost never see the "you need to update" message when you're trying to pair.

P.S. If you're curious about what's coming next, we just published a public roadmap.

Pre-holidays hotfixes





We shipped our last quick update of 2020:

  • Audio no longer pans to the right when using Macbook speakers (but why aren't you using a headset, you maniac?)
  • We fixed a pair of audio crashes that might have caused weird audio issues for some folks.
  • We fixed a bug that could have caused your cursor to be inadvertently hidden.
  • Enough of you missed it, so highlight click mode is back.

Enjoy the rest of your year!

Three-player improvements





We just pushed a bunch of improvements for those of you that use Tuple for three-way calls:

  • Observers can now draw, send text to the clipboard, trigger confetti, and control the remote machine! We'll be removing the final few distinctions that separate an observer from a guest soon.
  • Everyone can see all the call participants in their local instance of the Tuple popover.
  • Hosts can now kick the observer from the call.

For more details, see our blog post.

Microphone reconnection bug





Reconnecting a previously-connected microphone while Tuple is running no longer triggers bad audio behavior.

Nerdy details: the audio encoder we use has an API which identifies devices by their index in the list of available devices. This could get out of sync when disconnecting/reconnecting devices. The fix was to recalculate the index every time a device changes.

Classic, right? Persistent state is such a reliable source of bugs.

Sorry for the trouble, and the flurry of required updates recently.

Fixed: muting bug





When we pushed v0.81 yesterday, we inadvertently introduced a bug where folks were unable to un-mute themselves after muting. Sorry about that! This is fixed now.

v0.81: Webcam/audio improvements, something fun, and QoL tweaks





Webcam improvements

  • The default webcam resolution is now slightly higher.
  • Your webcam resolution now dynamically adjusts as you make it larger and smaller. Want to use less bandwidth? Shrink the window. Want to prioritize seeing your pair's face in perfect detail? Make the window bigger.
  • Got a great connection and want even more webcam quality? Enable the high-resolution webcam mode in preferences.

Audio improvements

  • Remember the chipmunk voice bug? It's finally gone! (Hopefully for good.)
  • Your preferred audio devices now populate correctly in preferences.
  • Your system audio settings are now bound to Tuple's audio.

Something fun

  • Did you and your pair just solve a tricky bug or push something great to production? As a guest, click on the 🎉 button in the top-right to send some confetti to the host to celebrate.

Quality of life fixes

  • If you have keyboard disabled but start typing with the Tuple window focused, we'll show a small popup to let you know.
  • If two unpaid users call each other the ringtone no longer plays incessantly.
  • Changes to Tuple preferences are now applied without required an app or call restart.

New popover, lighter webcam, and fixed drawing offset





New popover UI

After plenty of beta testing, we finally flipped the switch and deployed our new UI to everyone.

This new version attempts to address several issues from our old (MVP-ish) UI:

  • Some features (like adding an observer) were too subtle to find.
  • Team and friend management was limited and confusing.
  • The empty states left new users without much guidance.
  • There was nowhere to put a nifty changelog like this one.
  • It lacked the level of polish we strive for.

We feel like we've taken a solid step toward resolving these issues. (We hope you agree. 😁)

Thanks to our friend Derrick Reimer for his design and implementation work on this!

Also, if you'd like to hear more about the redesign, Derrick wrote a deep dive into how we planned, executed, and shipped the new design.

Reduced webcam bandwidth consumption

Good news if you like pairing with your webcam enabled: Tuple now uses way less bandwidth.

We did reduce the webcam quality/resolution a bit, but we think the bandwidth savings more than make up for it. (Please let us know if you feel differently after trying it.)

Fixed: drawings/highlights appearing in the wrong place

We believe we've fixed the issue that led to some folks having their drawings/highlights offset by some number of pixels. Thanks to all of you who reported this and provided replication steps!

How'd we do?

As always, please email us with any feedback, big or small.