Tryhoverify changelog
Tryhoverify changelog

Hoverify 3.0.69




Debug: HTML Semantic Elements

A new tool has been added to debug section, which can check compatibility with HTML Semantic Elements.


BuiltWith: Export Data

You can now export the information found in JSON format.


Assets: Sort By Setting

A new setting has been added to the settings page, setting the default sorting option for assets. Please note that sorting with the size is asynchronous as the size of each asset is loaded asynchronously.


Settings: Export and Import

You can now import and export settings. This will also export devices in the Responsive mode.


Bug fixes

  • Inspector: Border radius shorthand is now correctly implemented.
  • Inspector: Tools are appropriately switched.
  • Assets: Added support for srcset.
  • Assets: All the assets with the same name are correctly loaded.
  • Assets: Filename does not have a double period.
  • Assets: Svg is not converted to JPG.
  • Capture: Videos are paused while taking a screenshot.
  • Capture: Better support for parallax effects on the page.
  • Capture: Selected area works correctly on MacBook.
  • Some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.