Tryhoverify changelog
Tryhoverify changelog

Hoverify 3.0.60





Inspector: Copy unique selector

In the docked window, you can copy the unique selector of the element.


Added Screenshots to Firefox

Now you can take screenshots in Firefox. Support is new, so that it may be unstable. Please feel free to if find any issues.


Tooltips in Inspector

Added some basic tooltips in the inspector toolbar to better inform users about the features.


Inspector: List and show styles of searched elements.

Searching elements will now list the result, and you will be able to see their styles by clicking "Show styles".


Screenshots: Optimized "Save as PDF"

Saving as PDF sometimes hangs the browser and generates large PDF files. PDFs generated now are much smaller and optimized.

Bug fixes

  • Color Eyedropper: Docked windows do not change color when docked rapidly.
  • Assets: SVGs are not converted to JPG.
  • Assets: Files bigger than 1MB are sorted properly.
  • Responsive: Devices follow proper orientation after editing.
  • Some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.