Tryhoverify changelog
Tryhoverify changelog

Hoverify 3.0.52





Save screenshot in JPG and PDF

Now all the screenshots can saved in JPG and PNG separately. Multiple screenshots can also be stored as PDF alongside ZIP.



This update brings new tool to the arsenal. It can be accessed for the menu and managed in the settings. It contains following features-

  • Clear Cache

Clear cache, cookies and local storage of particular origin or all the origins.

  • Meta tags

Quickly fetch all the meta tags from the site. And copy individual meta tag or all at once.

  • Spellcheck (Only available for Chrome)

Goes through currently active page and finds spelling mistakes. Please note that it only supports English. Dataset used is not perfect so it may detect correct words as mistakes. Please report in such case.


Bug fixes

  • Inspector now parses border properly.
  • Inspector does not randomly fails on some sites.
  • In Assets, images are not downloaded in proper extension.
  • Export to Codepen does not send wrong HTML.
  • Fixed styling of "Save all" option in Assets tool.