Tryhoverify changelog
Tryhoverify changelog

Hoverify 3.0.43





Copy only changes and selector

Now you can copy changes and element selector from a docked window.


Google Fonts Support

Just type the google font name in the style editor with the properties font, font-family and font-weight. it will be automatically added.


Added setting to toggle IFrame Injection

By default, Hoverify injects itself to IFrames in the pages. This can be problem in some use cases. So you now you can toggle ON/OFF IFrame injection from settings.

IFrame support for Hide/Remove Element tool

Hide/Remove tool now supports IFrames and all the elements are properly added to toolbar.

Removal of Persist setting for Hide/Remove Element tool

Hide/Remove tool use to persist all the changes done to page. This feature was found to be really confusing and was very unstable. It has been removed for now.

Bug fixes

  • In Responsive mode, macbook is not affected by portrait or landscape view.
  • In Assets, file does not pushed download button out of the view.
  • Screenshots does not fail in case of toolbar.
  • Zoom level is changed properly in settings.
  • In Inspector, font styles are removed if font shorthand is found.
  • Inspector is properly refreshed when page is hash routed.