Tryhoverify changelog
Tryhoverify changelog

Hoverify 3.0.31





Selector mode in Inspector

View styles according to there selector. This is also applied to media queries. Please note that styles in selector mode are not editable.


Device Frames in Responsive

You can toggle device frames on some devices. Some new devices were also added, To get them you have to reset devices from device manager.


Save All Images in Screenshots

Screenshot have new option to save all the screenshots at once in a zip file.


Performance Improvement on Some Sites

I found a bug were Inspector was duplicating stylesheets incrementing number of rules that inspector have to loop through. This update addresses this bug improving performance on some sites.

Removal of Iframe Support (Temporarily)

Last update introduced a basic Iframe support for Inspector. It was found that it created some feature breaking bugs in Color Eyedropper as well as Inspector itself. It is now removed temporarily and will be introduced in next update.