Tryhoverify changelog
Tryhoverify changelog

Hoverify 3.0.78




Assets: Lottie Animations

Assets now detect Lottie animations from the page.


BuiltWith: SSL

Get SSL information about the domain.


Capture: Adjust selected area

The selected area can be adjusted after it's been drawn.


Support for RTL sites

Better support for RTL sites has been placed. Tools like Inspector, Color Eyedropper, and Capture now correctly work on RTL sites.


Bug fixes

  • Inspector: Access-Control errors removed from some sites.
  • Inspector: Source map warning removed.
  • BuiltWith: Captcha does not reload automatically.
  • BuiltWith: Resets properly after captcha reloads.
  • Assets: Files with the same name are correctly handled.
  • Assets: Images are downloaded properly.
  • Capture: The selected area is now visible on all sites.
  • Capture: Parallex background does not glitch the screenshot.
  • Capture: Videos are stopped during full-page screenshots.
  • Some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hoverify 3.0.69




Debug: HTML Semantic Elements

A new tool has been added to debug section, which can check compatibility with HTML Semantic Elements.


BuiltWith: Export Data

You can now export the information found in JSON format.


Assets: Sort By Setting

A new setting has been added to the settings page, setting the default sorting option for assets. Please note that sorting with the size is asynchronous as the size of each asset is loaded asynchronously.


Settings: Export and Import

You can now import and export settings. This will also export devices in the Responsive mode.


Bug fixes

  • Inspector: Border radius shorthand is now correctly implemented.
  • Inspector: Tools are appropriately switched.
  • Assets: Added support for srcset.
  • Assets: All the assets with the same name are correctly loaded.
  • Assets: Filename does not have a double period.
  • Assets: Svg is not converted to JPG.
  • Capture: Videos are paused while taking a screenshot.
  • Capture: Better support for parallax effects on the page.
  • Capture: Selected area works correctly on MacBook.
  • Some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hoverify 3.0.61




Capture: Selected Area

It's now possible to capture the selected area of the page.


Inspector: Visualize margin and padding

Toggle a quick tool to visualize the margin and padding of the element.


Built with: DNS

Built with shows DNS information of the page in a separate tab.


Built with: Images in Technology

All the technologies shown by the "Built with" feature have images to improve visibility.


Assets: Copy Filename

A new option has been added to the images and video tab to copy the filename.


Hoverify 3.0.60





Inspector: Copy unique selector

In the docked window, you can copy the unique selector of the element.


Added Screenshots to Firefox

Now you can take screenshots in Firefox. Support is new, so that it may be unstable. Please feel free to if find any issues.


Tooltips in Inspector

Added some basic tooltips in the inspector toolbar to better inform users about the features.


Inspector: List and show styles of searched elements.

Searching elements will now list the result, and you will be able to see their styles by clicking "Show styles".


Screenshots: Optimized "Save as PDF"

Saving as PDF sometimes hangs the browser and generates large PDF files. PDFs generated now are much smaller and optimized.

Bug fixes

  • Color Eyedropper: Docked windows do not change color when docked rapidly.
  • Assets: SVGs are not converted to JPG.
  • Assets: Files bigger than 1MB are sorted properly.
  • Responsive: Devices follow proper orientation after editing.
  • Some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hoverify 3.0.57





Debug: Check the link status

Check the HTTP status of all tag links present on the page.


Inspector: Add custom CSS

Add custom CSS to a particular page. This CSS is applied to the whole page and persisted. Please note that the styling will be applied automatically whenever the page is reloaded.


Inspector: Add custom Javascript

Add custom Javascript to the page, which is automatically applied on page load. Please note that this javascript lives in a separate context and does not have access to the page's window object.


Inspector: Background URLs clickable in the inspector window

Background URLs present in the editor are now clickable through an icon. The link is opened in a new tab.


Assets: Sort images and videos according to name and size

Now, you can sort images and videos fetched according to their name or size. However, this sorting is not applied while downloading all the assets.


Bug fixes

  • Inspector: Page no more scrolls to bottom while coping on HTTP sites.
  • Some minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Hoverify 3.0.52





Save screenshot in JPG and PDF

Now all the screenshots can saved in JPG and PNG separately. Multiple screenshots can also be stored as PDF alongside ZIP.



This update brings new tool to the arsenal. It can be accessed for the menu and managed in the settings. It contains following features-

  • Clear Cache

Clear cache, cookies and local storage of particular origin or all the origins.

  • Meta tags

Quickly fetch all the meta tags from the site. And copy individual meta tag or all at once.

  • Spellcheck (Only available for Chrome)

Goes through currently active page and finds spelling mistakes. Please note that it only supports English. Dataset used is not perfect so it may detect correct words as mistakes. Please report in such case.


Bug fixes

  • Inspector now parses border properly.
  • Inspector does not randomly fails on some sites.
  • In Assets, images are not downloaded in proper extension.
  • Export to Codepen does not send wrong HTML.
  • Fixed styling of "Save all" option in Assets tool.

Hoverify 3.0.50





Firefox release

Hoverify is now available as an experimental version on Firefox with all the features expect screenshots.

Visit here for Firefox version

Hoverify 3.0.43





Copy only changes and selector

Now you can copy changes and element selector from a docked window.


Google Fonts Support

Just type the google font name in the style editor with the properties font, font-family and font-weight. it will be automatically added.


Added setting to toggle IFrame Injection

By default, Hoverify injects itself to IFrames in the pages. This can be problem in some use cases. So you now you can toggle ON/OFF IFrame injection from settings.

IFrame support for Hide/Remove Element tool

Hide/Remove tool now supports IFrames and all the elements are properly added to toolbar.

Removal of Persist setting for Hide/Remove Element tool

Hide/Remove tool use to persist all the changes done to page. This feature was found to be really confusing and was very unstable. It has been removed for now.

Bug fixes

  • In Responsive mode, macbook is not affected by portrait or landscape view.
  • In Assets, file does not pushed download button out of the view.
  • Screenshots does not fail in case of toolbar.
  • Zoom level is changed properly in settings.
  • In Inspector, font styles are removed if font shorthand is found.
  • Inspector is properly refreshed when page is hash routed.

Hoverify 3.0.40





Size of Image/Video in Assets

Asset made it really simple to retrieve assets from the page and now it also shows you size of Images/Videos extracted from the page.


Color Palette

Now you can inspect color palette listed visually. You can simply click to copy colors.



Use fonts tools to browse fonts used by site.


Changes in Shortcuts

New tools new shortcuts. Here are new Tools shortcuts-

  • H - Toggle Grids.
  • F - Toggle Fonts.
  • P - Toggle Color Palette.


Bug fixes

  • Built with now properly show technology information.
  • Assets show assets of the page and does not extract assets from IFrames.
  • Naming issue fixed in Assets while saving all assets.

Hoverify 3.0.36





Hosting information

Built with showed a lot of information about page except where it was hosted. Now it does that too!


Image/Video size

When you hover over <IMG> or <VIDEO>, the inspect window tells you the size of the media.


IFrame support for inspector

Now you can use inspector in IFrames with same origin on the page. There is no duplication of toolbar as previous implementation had.

Tools supported

  • HTML/CSS Inspect
  • Grids
  • Guidelines
  • Edit
  • Search

Bug fixes

Some critical bugs in inspector where fixed in this update. Here are some of them-

  • Keyframe animation properly update when changed.
  • Media queries and animations are now editable.
  • Styles can be reset even when inspect window is closed.
  • Selectors are now properly created when extra spaces are found in class attribute.
  • Hovered element is now properly detected on heavy sites.
  • In computed view var() are converted to there proper value.