TrustRuby for Business is here!

We are very happy to announce the release of TrustRuby for Business!

Sign up today and start using TrustRuby to manage all your customer's reviews for FREE!

Head over to TrustRuby Business and check out our awesome features:

  • Full Reviews Management
  • Multiple sites
  • Multiple users accounts
  • API access
  • Embeddable Widgets
  • Bulk review invitations (requests)

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Helpful reviews

When deciding on whether we want to buy a service or a product from a particular shop, we usually rely on customer reviews. Not all reviews are equal. At TrustRuby we are focused on highlighting the best and most helpful reviews.

From now on, it is possible to upvote or downvote a review. This voting system will help us put an emphasis on quality content and give our users the best possible information to make the smartest decision.

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C'mon, it's time to write your first review!

Trusted reputation management - Business Sign-up is Open

We just launched early access sign up page for businesses!

If you are company that want to manage reputation of your own online business, sign up to get early access to these amazing features and benefits for your company:

  • Full Reviews Management
  • Claim multiple sites
  • API Access
  • Embeddable Widget with Reviews for your website
  • Bulk Invitations
  • Automatic Invitations

Check it out!

Top Rated Companies by Industry

We want to make sure customers are able to find the best ranked, reviewed companies. So we are happy to announce that we just launched Top Rated Companies by Industry page!

Check it out!