We fixed the work of the hotel selection widget for the Arabic language - now, if in the widget settings is selected White Label with the Arabic language, the correct language version will open.


We added a new affiliate program: Big Bus Tours - is the largest operator of open-top sightseeing tours worldwide, currently operating in 23 cities across the globe 🚌


Added the “Show Hotels” checkbox to the popular routes widget. If it is checked, the list of airline tickets will open in a new window, and in the current will open the website with hotels for the city of arrival.

Affiliate account

In the Actions report, you can now show or hide columns.

When you hover over a cell in the Description column, you can get more information or move to the action card.

Affiliate account

Welcome to the dark side - published a night theme for your account.

Affiliate account

We added a block with news of affiliate programs on the main page of your personal account. When you click on a news title, you will get a page with a list of program's news.


📆 Advertiser Omio has changed the deadline for confirming payment of the reservation.

Confirmation of payment comes at the end of the month following the month in which the reservation was paid. Example: if the reservation was paid on October 01, then the confirmation will come on November 30.

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📥 Added the ability to upload data from statistics to a CSV file.

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Travelpayouts Travel iOS App

We released a new version of iOS templated application.

In the version 6.1:

  • Fixed compilation in Xcode 11.0 and 11.1
  • New minimal supported iOS version is 11
  • Added Arabic localization
  • Added support for Car Rental tab (subscribe to programs)
  • Added ability to customize search form titles
  • Added ability to customize search form background color as well as all colors in JRC class

Affiliate account

Updated the dashboard of your personal account. Now you can:

  • pin the necessary programs at the top;
  • filter the list, leaving only programs with data;
  • quickly switch to tools and detailed statistics;
  • sign up for a new, recommended program.