TrainerMetrics updates
TrainerMetrics updates

Profile Notepad and Journal




There are times when trainers jot down high-level notes on their clients that need to be referenced frequently, as well as a note that might need to be assigned to specific assessments or exercises.

This week we released the ability to accomplish both of these functions.


Whether a trainer is working with a new client and needs to quickly record goals, motivating factors, medical issues, or just fun facts…this can now be completed on the Create Profile page.


As well as within the client Profile.


This is a lightweight note-taking feature that can be activated by clicking on the text box and selecting [Save].


The second type of note-taking functionality that our community has been asking for is the ability to assign a specific note to an assessment or exercise.


This is especially important for documenting if a client is limited in their ability to accomplish an assessment or any potential liability that can be referenced by date/time and staff member.


Note-taking is a foundational aspect of personal training and we are excited that the TrainerMetrics community has the opportunity to record more than just objective data on their clients.