TrainerMetrics updates
TrainerMetrics updates

Profile Gallery is now File Manager




There's nothing more frustrating than being constrained, especially when you know there is a better way. At least this is how the TrainerMetrics community has felt when trying to save files to TrainerMetrics.

In the past, personal trainers have used the Profile Gallery feature so that they can upload and save images for clients. Although the point of Profile Gallery was to encourage trainers to upload progress photos, we've seen everything from exercises to screenshots of workout cards uploaded to the Gallery.

Today, Gallery is now File Manager.


This means that trainers can upload an image, video, or document to TrainerMetrics and sort by upload date, file name, file type, and the user that uploaded the file.


The TrainerMetrics community has been eager to move their existing documents held in folders and filing cabinets to TrainerMetrics, evolving their processes to digital. That is now possible.