TrainerMetrics updates
TrainerMetrics updates

Profile and User Compliance





The idea of trainer and client "compliance" is a topic that has come up quite a bit within the TrainerMetrics community over the last year. Although trainers generally know when they should reevaluate their client's fitness, it's easy to forget.

That's why we released new Metrics Management settings and a refreshed Profile List to help managers, trainers, and clients stay on the same page when it comes to compliance.

Metric's Reminders is a simple way to set a standard amount of days between assessments. They can be set at the Account-level so that all profiles reference this information:

account-metrics-reminders_20200316.png *Weight is set at the account level to a default of 42 days.

Metrics Reminders can also be adjusted on the Profile-level, just in case your clients' needs are more customized compared to the general client:


If you are wondering how you can see this information from a high-level, take a look at your Profile List or one of your trainer's Profile Lists to see an actionable view of clients that have:

  • Not completed a PAR-Q.
  • Not completed at least 1 assessment (metric).
  • With an assessment (metric) that is overdue based on Metrics Reminders.
  • No future Goal Date or Goal Value.


For managers, this makes is extremely easy to review all trainers and make sure that clients are cleared for exercise, reevaluations are completed, and goals are established.