TrainerMetrics updates
TrainerMetrics updates

Metrics Unit of Measure & Conversion




The best comment we received from a new customer was, "your product name is TrainerMetrics…but you don't support the metric system."

From this point moving forward TrainerMetrics supports both Imperial and Metric units of measure so that trainers and businesses outside of the United States can calculate, store, and report on data that best suits their needs.

That said, this setting can be configured on the account-level so that any new profile that is created automatically defaults to 'Metric' or 'Imperial'


Regardless whether or not the Testing Management setting is defined, any user can select the appropriate Unit of Measure from the Create Profile page when onboarding a new client.


Finally, if there are already profiles created for clients and there is a need to convert their current Imperial measurements to Metrics units, this can easily be done on the Profile Info page by selecting from the drop down and clicking [Save].


Once a profile is set to 'Metric' all measurements and resulting data will automatically convert. This includes forms, charts, tables that live on Create Profile, Overview, Testing, Goals, Metrics, Reports, and Profile Info pages.


At first glance, this may seem like a small change to TrainerMetrics. However, this is a massive change to our global community that has been eager to use TrainerMetrics with their client base but have not been able to simply because they were constrained.

More to come.