TrainerMetrics updates
TrainerMetrics updates

Fitness Testing Print Functionality

As trainers, we still use our clipboards. However, we realized that it was rather time-consuming to upload measurements to TrainerMetrics even though you can customize your own fitness test. Not to mention printing the assessment progress results of a fitness test took way too long.

That said, we decided to call a few of our customers and ask for help. The result was as easy as adding a print button to our Fitness Testing feature:

testing-print-button 2018.05.09.png

So what does the printing functionality do for you? As of today, you can export all assessment progress reports that are specific to any given fitness test in a single PDF (not 30+):

testing-print-progress-report 2018.05.09.png

Second, print off a Testing Card to capture all measurements in a given fitness test making it faster to batch upload and calculate measurements (your clipboard has a new best friend):

testing-print-card 2018.05.09.png