TrainerMetrics updates
TrainerMetrics updates

Custom Forms




It goes without saying that personal training clients (or trainers) are required to fill out a handful of forms before they even get started with their first session.

TrainerMetrics has always been a crucial solution in the client onboarding process when it comes to fitness assessments and data capture, however, what about all of those forms that need to be completed?

We're excited to announce that Custom Forms are here.


Forms are located in the new Library module on the header navigation and can be created using typical Question Types like Yes/No, Multiple Selection, Short Answer, Numbers, and Multiple Choice.


A key differentiator is the ability to assign a Form to the Create Profile and Profile Info pages so that trainers can access these forms when they are onboarding new clients or following up with existing clients.

Once a Form is completed by either trainer or client, a PDF version of the form is automatically saved to the client's Profile - File Manager to keep track of versioning.


If there is a need to have clients complete a Form on their own time, within a few seconds any user can email a Form to multiple clients at once from the Profile List page.

With Custom Forms, owners, managers, and trainers can create whatever Form makes sense for the business including Intake Forms, Satisfaction Surveys, Goal Questionnaires, etc.

Gone are the days of using manilla folders to hold on to forms while all clients' fitness data is housed in TrainerMetrics.