Customise types of notifications you receive

You now have the ability to decide whether or not you'd like to receive expiry and/or change notification emails.

Change notifications can get a little noisy if you use a service like Cloudflare.

Detect a hostname mismatch

You will now be notified if there is a hostname mismatch between the monitored domain and the certificate.

Customise when you should be notified

You can now choose when you should start receiving expiry notifications for your certificates.

Get notifications in Slack

You can now get your expiry and change notifications pumped directly into a Slack channel of your choosing. Activate Slack by clicking the "Add to Slack" button in your notification settings.

Added support for arbitrary ports

You can now specify which port should be checked for a tracked hostname. Enter the port after your hostname using a semi-colon, e.g. or

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