2019-2020 School Year Updates

The Texas Public Service Association is ecstatic to welcome new and returning chapters to our organization. We have made quite a few changes to our organizational documents to make registration and competition easier for you!

Guiding Documents

We have updated all of our guiding documents to reflect our updated policies and standards. You can check then out by heading here!


  • New Chapters/Charters: Each school may request one chapter/charter. All advisors and competitors from the same school must compete within the one charter, regardless of the number of students and/or advisors. Explorer Posts are not eligible for membership.
  • Returning Chapters/Charters: Sign in to membership system with login credentials from last year.
  • An individual who wishes to serve in the advisor capacity must be a Law and Public Safety teacher of record for the campus in which they are advising students. An individual may serve as the advisor for only one chapter. Explorer Post advisors who are not a teacher of record may not serve in the advisor capacity.
  • Once the membership application deadline October 7th, 2019 has passed, an invoice will be generated by the TPSA Treasurer and sent via email to the primary advisor of record.
  • Membership Fee:
    • $10.00 per registered member (students and advisors)
    • Membership fees must be paid prior to registering for regional competitions.

Competition Fees

  • Regional Competition: $40.00 / Student Competitor
  • State Competition: $60.00 / Student Competitor
  • Chapter Surcharge: Each chapter will be required to bring the required number (based on chapter membership) of volunteers (non-competitors/adults) to each level of competition. Failure to register the required number of volunteers will result in a surcharge being applied to the chapters invoice. The volunteer scale is as follows. Volunteers will be assigned a position based on need and qualifications. Capture2.PNG
  • All competition fees must be paid in full prior to competition.

Competition Guidelines

  • Emergency Substitutions will only be allowed on a case by case basis up to 5 days prior to the start of competition. Grades do not count as an emergency.
  • Numerous updates have been made to the TPSA guiding documents. Review each guiding document (bylaws, code of conduct, policies, event guidelines) thoroughly with your students prior to competition. Visit the TPSA website frequently to see any new or updated information.
  • A new grievance process is in place. Refer to the TPSA bylaws for specific grievance processes.
  • The Texas Public Service Association has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY in regard to competitive dishonesty. Competitors found to have violated the integrity of a competitive event will be removed from all registered competitive events. Substitutions will not be allowed in the event the removed competitor is on a team, please note this will disqualify the team from their competitive event.