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Complete guide for choosing the best vibrator Why buy a vibrator?





1 out of 3 women use them regularly: For you who have put aside your pleasure for too long, we have created, blog ambassador of female sextoys. Alone or in duo, the use of a vibrator can revolutionize your daily life. You will find vibrating sextoys in many forms, functions, colors, materials for our greatest pleasure!

But if many women know their desires, their fantasies and have a precise idea of how they could stimulate themselves, one question remains: how to choose the vibrator that suits me?

Of all shapes, multiple colors, in couple or solo, vibrators are the most stimulating sextoys!

Sextoys of all forms, for all desires!

Many people have the image of the vibrator offered during birthdays by their friends (often very proud of their idea ^^). It is necessary to know that the market is since strongly enriched, adapting itself to the pleasure of each one of us. After all, the pleasure is not only reserved to a part of the population !

These vibrating sextoys are for those who wish to enjoy a moment of relaxation, a pleasant moment alone or to innovate in their relationship as a duo. Tickle your G spot, stimulate your clitoris or enjoy both at the same time.

What material should I choose for my vibrator? Which Vibrator should I choose to stimulate my G spot or clitoris? What are the best brands of vibrators? Discover our detailed articles on vibrating sextoys to know everything about your future pleasure partner, from his choice to his maintenance!

rabbit vibrator or the rabbit sex toy

Vibromasseur ++shop : your sextoy blog On vibromasseur.Shop, you will find everything you need to know about Rabbit Vibrators, Vibrating Ducks, Vibrating Eggs, G-spot Vibrators, Clitoris Vibrators… Our articles and guides will help you choose your future orgasmic partner.

Because we are bloggers but also entrepreneurs, we have become official partners of the French company Dorcel (cocorico). Through this blog, you will find links allowing you to take action and discover the vibrant pleasure… or by pure curiosity… Guide to buying the best vibrators : Whether you're a man or a woman, alone or as a couple, vibrators are the best thing ever made when it comes to dildos. The current craze for vibrators is proof of this: small or large, of all shapes, clitoral, anal or vaginal stimulation… Vibrators are no longer as taboo as they used to be, to our great pleasure!

But to discover true sexual pleasure, it is necessary to choose a sextoy that corresponds to your desires and desires. Discover our buying guide of the best vibrators on the market.

Whether for your pleasure alone or with others, the vibrator is the sextoys of reference. The success that they meet with the French has allowed the emergence of many forms, functions, colors, materials for our greatest pleasure!

Only, if you know your desires, the way you would like to spend a good time, impossible to choose: how to choose your vibrator?

Which material to choose for my vibrator? Silicone, latex, rubber… What use for my vibrator? Solo, duo, in the shower, penetration, clitoris

Which vibrator shape to choose? Rabbits, vibrating ducks, vibrating eggs, vibrators for G, vibrators for clitoris… Which brand should I choose for my vibrator? LELO, Fun Factory, WE VIBE, DORCEL…

Fortunately for you, your bloggers at have summarized all of these questions to offer you the guide to choosing your vibrator. Here are the keys to choosing a vibrator that meets your expectations!

What material should I choose for my vibrator?

If the softness and stiffness of a partner are not always obvious, those of your vibrator will be according to your desire. There are 3 materials of vibrating sextoys of references:

The silicone vibrators: Present on the sextoys of high quality, they are neither soft nor hard, adapt quickly to your body temperature while being little allergenic.

The latex vibrators: More flexible and affordable, they are however more irritating than those in silicone and more difficult to wash. Rubber vibrators: Avoid all those with phthalates in their products, whose endocrine disruptors are carcinogenic and whose coating smells like petroleum…

It is therefore understandable that silicone sextoys are highly recommended. If the price of these vibrators is higher, note that they are easier to clean, will last you longer and will be the easiest to use for intimate pleasures.

If you are going to use the vibrator for deep penetration, make sure to check this guide on the best mini bullet vibrator

Choosing a waterproof vibrator

This is one of the main characteristics of a good sextoy: its watertightness. For my part, my vibrators accompany me even in my intimate moments in the shower or in my bubble bath, it must be vigorous enough not to drown! Otherwise, the engine that provides the famous back and forth will not be able to withstand your demands. To finish, I will insist on the silent nature of aquatic use for the most discreet among us!

How much does a vibrator cost

Before starting the search for your future vibro, you need to set a budget. We're talking about a sex toy, not a microwave oven! The best way to be disappointed by an experience with a sextoy is to choose the cheapest one. It's hard to find a good companion for less than 50 euros… For electric models, 100 euros will allow you to acquire a model that will make you enjoy several years in a row.

Buying a vibrator is a bit like investing in your pleasure! A sextoy lasts a long time, it is not a "consumable" purchase. You will even find sextoys made in Germany for several years. So don't hesitate to save money before choosing your vibrator. There is nothing worse than buying a first sextoy and being disappointed by the sensations it provides. In general, avoid sextoys below 20 euros: made with carcinogenic materials (phthalate…). Between 30 and 50 euros, you will find good manual sextoys. Between 50 and 100 euros, there are vibrators offering very enjoyable electric technologies. Between 100 and 150 euros, you will find the most efficient sextoys on the market.

Which ‘food’ to choose for your vibrator?

Very important in the choice of your sextoy: the choice of the power supply. If the question may seem trivial, it becomes obvious when you want to please yourself!

The cheapest models of sextoys work with batteries. Although they can be expensive, batteries bring some inconveniences: we have less and less of them in our houses, they are not reusable and limit the power of the vibrator.

Rechargeable vibrators are a good alternative: they can be recharged with a simple USB cable. A greener solution allowing you to put your sextoy to charge after each use! Much more powerful than batteries, you will be able to vibrate with pleasure for many hours.

You will finally find sextoys with wires, they are the most powerful! Generally reserved for clitoral sextoys, no problem of battery or discharged batteries. An immediate pleasure where you want, when you want. Note however that the son of the sextoy does not make the toy very attractive.

What use for my vibrator?

Are you looking for solo pleasure or sextoys for your lovemaking ? Rabbit vibrators and vibrating ducks are ideal for solitary moments. However, the rabbit sextoys can be used by two to prolong the pleasure! The vibrator allows men with erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculators to better please their partner. The vibrating duck will remain dedicated to solitary pleasure in the bath that your man will have prepared for you!

The vibrating egg is for couples accomplices looking for the pleasure of madam in innovative places. The sextoys egg is inserted in the vagina and is activated via a remote control. Ideal to break the routine …

Vibrator for women: choosing your female sextoy

Sextoys for women have long been taboo in our society (as has female sexuality). For the oldest among us, mail order catalogues likened them to back massagers!

The main question we should ask ourselves before buying a vibrator is: what makes me kiffer the most? The power of vaginal penetration? The anal pleasure or the softness of clitoral pleasure? Are you the lonely type or do you want a sextoys for couple? Your desires will define THE vibrator that will make you come for 1001 nights.

The ultimate sextoy: the rabbit vibrator

Discover without further delay our guide dedicated to rabbit vibrators!

The famous vibrator of the desperate housewives series! It's a two-in-one sextoy: these little (rabbit) ears stimulate your clitoris while its body inserts itself as close as possible to your G spot. The rabbit vibrator is a must have.

A basic that every woman should have: these small vibros allow internal and external stimulation. Dreadfully effective, the stimulation of your G-spot coupled with clitoral stimulation makes it a cheap and very affordable vibrator. In short, the best selling dildo in the world.

The effective sextoy: the clitoral stimulator vibrator

Isn't the G-spot your thing? More powerful than a clitoral vibrator, discover the clitoral stimulator. Without being in direct contact with your clitoris, the clitoral sextoy covers it while stimulating it with waves and micro-vibrations. Thinner and easier to carry, the clitoral stimulator has been designed for active women who travel a lot and do not wish to put their pleasure in "pause" mode. Stimulation via the suction of the vibrator without any contact with your clitoris is easy to use, both solo and in duo! The classic vibrator: the dildo

Simple and functional, this is the classic vibrator. A straight vibrator is intended for vaginal stimulation. There are all kinds and sizes: if you are looking for simple and direct sensations, the straight vibrator is for you.

Ideally sized, straight vibrators promise you G-spot stimulation with back and forth movements, while its slightly curved shape will bring out the pleasure in you. Your G-spot is within easy reach…

The orgasmic sextoy: the clitoral vibrator

Elite of the sextoys, the first vibrators for mechanical clitoris were created in 1867: a small table with a vibrating ball at its end, on which madame could lie down. The vibrator was activated by a coal engine! With the technological prowess of the 20th century and the advent of electricity, her clitoral sextoys became smaller and more easily transportable!

Our Wangs then left doctors' surgeries to invite themselves into our homes, always for therapeutic use… We had to wait until the fifties for the recreational use of vibrators to be definitively accepted by the French press, to our great satisfaction! The realistic sextoy fantasy

Every girl knows it: orgasm is the result of a subtle mix of realistic stimulation with a hint of fantasy. For my part, I love little technological gems like clitoral stimulators or vibrating eggs.

But forced to admit that the sight of a realistic sextoy makes the tension rise much higher than a little piece of silicone! All women who have already had a realistic dildo with beautiful finishes (veins, sizes, textures…) will understand me.

The sextoy we share: the vibrating egg

Why choose a vibrating bullet? For the discretion and the feeling of freedom it will give you: the vibrating egg vibrator is the king of public pleasure, alone or in duo! It will make a unique sexual tension rise in you, positioning itself in your vagina while being controlled with your fingertips by whomever you wish. Use your connected sextoy in unusual or libertine places! Power, vibration mode … the stimulation of your G spot by this small vibrator will give you the release we all dream of.

To help you choose the vibrating bullet that suits you, offers detailed articles on the best vibrating bullet sextoys on the market: size, shape, features and price. Choose your vibrating egg vibrator according to your desire and fantasy.

The cutest vibrator: the vibrating duck

the vibrating duck is to sextoys what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris! Used for external use, it is more a question of massaging than vibrating and penetrating. A vibrating duck can tickle your clitoris, but it can also massage the whole body.

Guaranteed fun! Dreadfully versatile and very effective, vibrating ducks are the sextoys to use during your naughty poses, with or without your partner! You can use the head for precise vibrations and the body for the most sensual stimulations: both parts of the vibrating duck can be used to satisfy your desires!

The vibrating ducks are vibrators. You will therefore find them equipped with several vibration speeds and intensities. This makes it possible to satisfy your desires on any part of your body.

The power of the sextoy comes and goes

An excellent alternative to "traditional" vibrators, the sextoys come and go offer ever more accomplished characteristics, pushing back the limits of solitary pleasure as well as those of the most fulfilled couples.

If the coming and going was until now reserved for straight vibrators, they are more and more declined: rabbit vibrator coming and going, vibrating egg coming and going, and even clitoral stimulator coming and going. It must be said that this movement makes it possible to imitate with disconcerting realism the most beautiful male performances.

Vibrator for men: choosing your male sextoy

When talking about fleshlight vaginettes or sextoy to men, one question comes up: why choose a male sextoy when you can use your right hand?

Simply because the sensations are awesome! Whether for masturbation, anal pleasure or to play with your partner, sextoy for men is an excellent way to grow sexually, alone or in couple!

The multi-orgasm sextoy for men: the prostate stimulator?

Prostatic pleasure is to men what clitoral pleasure is to women. Much more powerful than the orgasm provided by coming and going on the penis, masturbation with a prostate stimulator provides sensations that can only be imagined.

A practice that until the beginning of the 21st century was mainly claimed by homosexuals and bi, the explosion in sales of prostate stimulators testifies to the evolution of mentalities. Would its gentlemen be looking for a "deeper" sexual fulfilment?

The best-selling male sextoy: the vagina masturbator

Sextoy for men the most famous of the market: the vagina is more and more present in the sexuality of its gentlemen. Among the big brands of masturbators we find Fleshlight, Tenga, Shot Toys… Reproducing with more or less realism the shape of a vagina, a mouth or an anus, have even found vaginettes of porn stars.

By removing the boundaries between films and spectators, male masturbation is undergoing a real revolution. Some male sextoys are manual, others are electric and only have to be positioned on your penis to make you cum.

The most realistic male sextoy: the sex doll

A real revolution in male sexuality in China, the sex doll answers a simple question: Why waste time socializing, spending time and money with a woman when you could replace her with a blow-up doll?

Beyond the sexual satisfaction provided by a sex doll, it is not uncommon that it creates a bond of infinity between the user and the inflatable doll. The or our society imposes more and more forbidding, the doll for man never says no.

The sextoy for successful men: the penis pump

Every year, more than 3,000,000 French people are affected by recurring erection problems. Whether because of erectile dysfunction, temporary impotence or a desire to improve performance with their partners, many turn to medication. Although this kind of inconvenience can quickly make your life miserable, note that drug solutions or surgery have many side effects and can be restrictive in the long term. Why not consider another solution: the penis pump.

the male dildo: a very deep pleasure

How did the blogger I am come to do a Tests and Reviews of the Best Dildoes for Men article? As a geekette emeritus, I spend a lot, but then too much time on my computer! While snooping on universes closely or remotely resembling vibrators, I realized how developed the gay culture was. Through lifestyle, dating and dating blogs, I discovered a lot! So I decided to return the favor and talk about what I know: sextoys for men.

Vibrator for couple: choosing your sextoy for couple

A remote controlled vibrator is a great choice for couples in a dsitant relationship.

Some sextoys for couples propose to stimulate both partners (vibrating rings, bondage accessories…, other vibrators allow to give control of the pleasure of one of the partners to the other: it is the case of connected sextoys for couples or chastity cages. More innovative, sextoys such as strap-on dildos make it possible to reverse the relationship within the couple. The possibilities are so numerous with sextoys for couples! But how to choose the sextoy which corresponds to your couple? We have prepared a list of questions for you:

Pleasure at a distance: sextoy for couple connects smartphone Vibrating pleasure wherever you are, whenever you want: the sextoy connects smartphone is more and more present in the vibrator universe. Its success is the result of a desire to maintain physical contact in a society where interactions are increasingly remote (social networks, distance due to work or studies …). Miles will no longer hinder your pleasure!

The sextoy for dominating couple: the belt dildo

sextoy for couple pipedream double belt dildo

Whether you're a straight couple or a lesbian, sooner or later, the routine sets in and the frolics end up looking the same… What can you do? The strap-on dildo, or strapon for the purists, opens the field of possibilities, leading straight to the sexual fulfillment of the duo.

For the man, it is the discovery of new sensations (prostatic orgasm). For women, the dildo-belt allows them to satisfy their desire for domination. For lesbian couples, the strapon allows them to add the pleasure of penetration to their intercourse.