The Open Mic changelog
The Open Mic changelog

👋 Discontinuing Donations, Slack Group and Transparency Dashboard





Howdy friends!

The time has come for us to say goodbye to some of the features of our community.

As you know The Open Mic was supported both by generous donations from our community members and money from our monthly sponsors. We decided to disable community donations so we could focus solely on our sponsorships. We're forever grateful to all our members who has supported our work over the past 4 years. You rock!

As for our Slack Group and Transparency Dashboard - we struggled to keep those up and running for a while now. Both of those pages require a lot of time, updates and nurturing. Unfortunately we don't have enough resources to keep them up and running, that's why we decided to close them. It was fun to have them, though, and we hope you found them useful.

Thank you so much for your patience and support while we continuously try to improve our platform. Thank you for using The Open Mic!

Hugs from Toronto! 🤗

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