Making headway (hah!)

You can finally see this change log on the site itself! We're using the very slick Headway App (now you understand the clumsy title of this update). If you're reading this, you probably saw the clever little "toast" notification attached to the link in our footer nav. We'll definitely do some user testing with this — whimsy has no place in IA. Or does it?

We have always been pretty much transparent with our work, and we think that posting our change log right here is part of that whole thing. We are constantly working to make The Gymnasium better, but we don't ever show off how many bugs we push into production on a regular basis. Now you'll know.

To wit: This release also fixes a handful of responsive glitches and some truly random typography bugs. Not to worry — there are several more on our to-do list, and we simlply can't wait to fix them! Actually, that's just ironic; we can wait. We are waiting to fix them.