Final exam nightmares...

On May 1, some of our students began reporting issues submitting assessment quizzes and final exams for all courses on Gymnasium. After some investigation, our team determined the cause of the issue, and have released a fix as of this morning.

You should now be able to complete course quizzes and final exams without issue. Sorry for causing any final exam anxiety.

If you continue to have problems, please contact us at

So, what happened?

Warning: If reading about the finer facets of investigating productions bugs makes your eyes water, feel free to skip this part and get back to learning!

If you're interested in the nerdy details, the root of this problem had to do with mathjax shutting down their CDN. Gymnasium is based on an open source platform called Open edX. When rendering an assessment (technical jargon for quizzes or exams), Open edX uses MathJax to process templates for individual problems.

Although Mathjax set up a redirect from their old CDN to the new Cloudflare deployment, it was only temporary, and seems to have expired on May 1. We were under the impression that the temporary redirect would have lasted a bit longer - and had not yet updated our codebase to point to the new Mathjax CDN location. Thus, as students' local browser caches expired, the old CDN location came up, and was unable to be loaded — and bingo! Broken exams.

The fix was decidedly simple — we pushed an update to our codebase with the correct URL for Mathjax's new CDN. The biggest challenge was confirming that the fix did indeed work. So, if for some reason you're experiencing problems, please email us!