The Ferret updates
The Ferret updates

Daily emails are not working


Known bug


We are aware that our automatically generated alert emails are not sending at present. We are working with our email provider and awaiting on a fix from them. In the interim, you can still get daily updates sent to your phone via the Telegram messaging app. You can find our Telegram_bot here:

Alternatively, you can get browser push notifications of new stories here:

Object cache causing display issues




Some users have recently reported problems with incorrect user information being displayed on some parts of the site or unexpected redirects after logging in. This issue was likely caused by recent attempts to speed up the site by implementing more aggressive object caching. Those changes have been reversed so the problem should now be fixed.

If problems persist please let us know.

Custom email alert fixes




Some custom emails alerts were not sending. This has been fixed, and minor improvements have been made to the email preference centre.

Apologies to the small number of people who we inadvertently sent additional alerts to whilst the fix was being put in place.

Homepage improvements




We've tweaked the home page so that there's more stories and less scrolling needed to see them.

We've also added a player for the the latest FFS Show podcast episode to the front page.

Email deliverability improvements




Several people have reported trouble receiving our emails. We've done more work to improve the deliverability and formatting of our emails, so they should be less likely to go into spam now.