Tefter changelog
Tefter changelog

Tefter Teams Beta





We are stoked to announce that our Tefter for Teams offering has entered a beta testing phase 🎉

Our journey ⛵️ to enable team collaboration in Tefter started with the Slack app. But we didn't stop there, the next step was to bring collaboration to the Web with all the functionality to manage teams and their bookmarks through tefter.io. We then implemented a permissions system, revisited public teams and overhauled our browser extension Omni, to make room for teams.


It has been revamped to integrate teams. Install it now:


You can switch between teams and your personal workspace with ctrl + h and ctrl + l as well as with alt + n where n is the number of the team to switch to. To surface the aliases view, hit alt + a.

With the latest version of Omni you can:

  • Add a bookmark to a team
  • Add a bookmark to a list belonging to a team
  • List the top bookmarks of a team
  • Search a team's bookmarks
  • Search and resolve team's aliases (think alt + a)


We need more people to try Tefter for Teams. Help us further validate our product ideas, make any necessary tweaks and iron out issues based on your feedback.

To create a team, head over to https://tefter.io/teams/free-trial and enjoy a free 28 day trial.

⏳Don't have time to create a new org? Join one!
We have created two Tefter teams to foster communities around the Ruby and Elixir programming languages.

Joining will give you read-only access, contact us at support@tefter.io if you wish to become a moderator 💪.

Join and treat yourself to ⚡️ instant access ⚡️ to an abundance of curated relevant links and aliases.

Having Omni installed you can can use the /go command to navigate to an alias. For example you can type /go gems/rails to search for the Rails gem on rubygems.org.

📣 Finally, remember that open-source teams are free. If you represent such an organization create a team and let us know at support@tefter.io.