Tefter changelog
Tefter changelog

Commands, Link Sharing and more..






  • New Commands section. 💡 Tip: To list all commands type /.

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  • /c <alias command in our browser extension Omni



Aliases for many popular pages are created by default.
The default aliases are:

  • gm - Open your Gmail. Example go gm
  • gm1 - Open your secondary Gmail. Example go gm1
  • twt - Search all twitter. Example go twt/covid
  • gd - Search your Google Drive. Example go gd/report
  • gd1 - Search your secondary Google Drive. Example go gd1/report
  • yt - Search YouTube. Example go yt/rickroll
  • prs - Open your GitHub PRs. Example go prs
  • gs - Search GitHub. Example go gs
  • gc - Open your Google Calendar. Example go gc
  • gc1 - Open your secondary Google Calendar. Example go gc1
  • gc new - Create a new Google Calendar event. Example go gc new

✨ Additionally the variable part of dynamic aliases can now also be provided after a space as well as after / as follows:

Example: searching for songs by the Beatles

go yt/beatles
go yt beatles 👈 This also works now

Mobile App

  • New button to share any bookmark