December 2019

  • All the seated members of organizations on paid plans get a Pro account for their personal bookmarks 🎉 🎁
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate tags would be assigned to bookmarks
  • Added a support chat popup in some pages (landing, account)
  • Published a guides and knowledge base site
  • Created a short root command for the Slack app /t which can be used interchangeably with /tefter
  • Released a new version of the Tefter chrome extension where selecting a search result from the omnibox (summoned by t followed by tab) redirects to the bookmarked URL instead of the Tefter bookmark
  • Reworked our /explore page so that it ranks links by most popular (liked, visited) first
  • Added a new /tefter news Slack command and @tefter news mention which return the most popular bookmarks of an organization
  • Added a Like message action as seen below

Screen Shot 2019-12-18 at 14.15.13.png

  • Updated Slack bookmark creation interactions

2019-12-18 14.22.16.gif

October 2019

  • Released orgs. You can read more here
  • Released teams pricing plans
  • Added support for users bio
  • Reworked filters ui/ux

September 2019

  • Released payments. A pro subscription can now be purchased. See Pricing Plans
  • Used iframe in Chrome extension.
  • Enabled search in Explore.
  • Added help header dropdown menu
  • Updated icons
  • Added dead filter in bookmarks page for pro users
  • Changed Chrome extension to auto-close after 5 seconds

August 2019

  • Reworked our browser extension to be rendered consistently within pages
  • Removed password confirmation from signup form
  • Added Feeds/People filter in Feed and Explore pages
  • Added Guardian world feed (here)
  • Added clear filters when used filters are more than 2
  • Readable is not the default go to link anymore
  • Supported Google login and signup
  • Displayed and added stars in all users bookmarks
  • Added shared/visible/hidden filter in Bookmarks page
  • Added LA times feed (here)

July 2019

  • Enhanced our tablet viewport and made it more user friendly
  • Added list information in bookmark pages
  • Tuned breadcrumbs appearance
  • Shipped bookmark recommendations (experimental)

January 2019

  • Released a Slack integration Read more.
  • Watch a video with instructions on how to set it up and use it.
  • Added documentation for our public API. Read more.
  • We released 'Autocomplete' feature for all users
  • We released 'Share private lists' feature for premium users