Rotated slotted holes are now supported for Proteus 8.9+!

Today, we are excited to share that Proteus users can now import parts with rotated slotted holes! The update is available for users of Proteus 8.9 and later versions.

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Finding replacement parts for your PCB designs

All electronic components will eventually become obsolete; therefore, finding the right replacements is critically important for your PCB design!

SnapEDA now helps engineers find replacements for parts that are no longer in production, and/or which may be difficult to find in the supply chain, just like the SIM8050-6-0-14-00-A from GCT!

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 4.32.05 PM.png

For products marked as obsolete or not recommended for new designs you'll see a banner at the top of the page, and a recommendation for an active product to use in lieu of that specific product.

New Native Altium (.IntLib) Export! πŸš€

SnapEDA is always looking to make PCB design faster for you. After plenty of feedback, we are now supporting Altium native files!

In just a few clicks, you can now access native Altium libraries! The new exporter has many improvements, including native-looking yellow symbols, and no more duplication of copper top objects on the solder mask and solder paste layers!

We hope this new exporter makes your designs faster and more productive!


.Kicad_mod format supported now by SnapEDA! ✨

After countless requests from the KiCad community, we are pleased to announce that SnapEDA is now supporting the latest KiCad footprint format!

These improvements include native-software support of slotted holes (oval holes) and support for new layers, including the F.CrtYd and B.CrtYd layers to define a courtyard area, and F.Fab and B.Fab documentation layers. You can read more here.


Wildcards are now supported in search!

For engineers who want to search for electronic components that match a particular structure, we have now added wildcard support to the SnapEDA search! You can use either the * or ? as a wildcard.

For example, to search for all parts that match the following part structure, just the stars as follows:


You can see the sample results here:*-*-****-****-*-*&search-type=parts


The search engine now better supports products with dashes in the names

DVC 1000-P and another part names with spaces are now showing up in the results.

Improved manufacturer product search

Searches such as I-PEX, Wemos, and Expressif were yielding zero results, despite us having those products in our database. We updated our search engine to help you better search for specific manufacturers! πŸ™Œ

New and faster search engine! ⚑️

Big news today! We've launched a new, faster search engine. We completely re-designed our search engine from the ground up to maximize the relevancy of electronic component keyword searches. We hope you enjoy!

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Customize your schematic symbols for KiCad

We're thrilled to announce a new way for KiCad users to customize their schematic symbols!

KiCad users can now toggle to choose how they’d like their schematic symbols represented. For example, they can choose the overlapped symbol pin style, or expand the schematic symbol so they can see every single footprint pin individually on the symbol.You can learn more about it here! Screen-Shot-2019-07-16-at-6.05.16-PM-2-768x566 (1).png

Build circuit boards faster with simple computer vision! πŸ‘€

Are you ready to save hours creating schematic symbols and PCB footprints by using simple computer vision and OCR to build them in minutes?

Using our algorithm, we're able to automatically detect the type of each pin and place them in the appropriate place in the schematic symbol! Give it a try by yourself!