I-PEX Connector ECAD Models Now Available on SnapEDA

SnapEDA now includes I-PEX connectors ECAD models in its free library of symbols and footprints for electronic components. This makes it more convenient for engineers and product designers that use I-PEX to download symbols and footprints using SnapEDA.

To download I-PEX connectors ECAD models, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to I-PEX.com
  2. Search for the part you need.
  3. Under the Downloads section, click Symbols & Footprints.
  4. Choose a CAD model.
  5. Choose a specific download format from the list.
  6. You will then be redirected to the SnapEDA webpage that features the CAD Model. Click on the Download Symbol and Footprint button to start the download. (NOTE: Make sure that you have logged in to your SnapEDA account.)

It’s as simple as that! Happy designing!

I-PEX and SnapEDA.gif

New PCB design format - TARGET 3001!

We’ve launched a new PCB design tool format - TARGET 3001!. Engineers can download the symbol, footprint and 3D model in one click, which can then be easily imported into TARGET 3001!.

To download these files, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your project schematic in Target 3001!

  2. Click the Insert key on your keyboard to open the component database and search for the part you need. Then, click on the ‘SnapEDA’ button.

  3. You will be referred to the SnapEDA website where you can select the part. Click on the Download Symbol and Footprint button.

  4. Select TARGET 3001! from the list.

  5. TARGET 3001! monitors your Downloads folder and will automatically detect the downloaded file.

  6. The component will appear right on your cursor and you can place it in the schematic immediately.

You can check all the imported libraries into the Target component database for future use.

It’s as simple as that! You’ve now downloaded the files you need to get back to innovation using TARGET 3001!. Happy designing!


KiCad footprints automatically placed on the PCB layout right after download!

If you always wanted to get your footprints automatically placed on your PCB layout after download, we got you covered! The latest version ( of our KiCad Plugin places the footprints on your board for you!


KiCad Plugin Version is now live!

We're very excited to share a new version ( of our KiCad plugin! To have the latest version of the plugin just click the ‘Update button’ to install it, or please download here: www.snapeda.com/plugins

These are some of the improvements and features included in this version:

  1. You can now choose where to store your downloaded libraries
  2. Fixed the “cannot find the fp-lib-table from the directory” issues!
  3. Added a homepage button and other UI/UX improvements
  4. We added a 3D tab (We’re still working on the 3D model preview)
  5. You can now request 2D models if they are not available

image (40).png

Download multiple part libraries in one single Altium .IntLib

You can now easily batch download multiple part libraries as a single Altium integrated library (.IntLib). Previously our batch export feature only worked with the Altium .lia files. But this feature now works with the new native .IntLib format supported on SnapEDA.

To try it on your next design:

  1. Click Add to Library on the left side of any part page. The CAD model will be added to your library of parts.
  2. Navigate to your library and select Download
  3. Choose the Altium (.IntLib) format

And that's it! All parts added to your library will be exported as a single .IntLib library.

Altium batch download.gif

You can now use InstaPart credits to request 3D models

We've updated our InstaPart service so that you can now request both 2D models (symbols & footprints) and 3D models with your InstaPart credits. As part of this new update, 3D models are also now delivered to you within 24h.

InstaPart allows you to request any symbol, footprint or 3D model, which we create, verify and deliver to you within 24h. Our expert component engineering team is constantly re-evaluating and refining the standards they follow based on feedback from our community, but if you have special requirements you can add those to your requests too.

SnapEDA's libraries are free and will always be free. But InstaPart is a good fit when 1) you can't find the part you need in our free library, or 2) you want the symbol or footprint created based on custom standards and verified by our team. Once we create the library, we make it available within our free library for everyone to benefit from (unless you tell us you'd prefer otherwise).

Learn more about InstaPart, or add credits, here.


Find pricing & availability from Onlinecomponents.com

You can now find pricing & availability for electronics components stocked by Onlinecomponents.com. The pricing can be found in the Pricing tab and button on the part pages, and also in our search (pro tip: click on a product's price in search to see all available options.)

Founded in 1999, Onlinecomponents.com has an inventory of 400,000+ in-stock parts from a selection of more than 300 suppliers. Welcome to the SnapEDA community, Onlinecomponents.com!


.PcbLib format now supported for Altium footprints

For footprint-only Altium downloads, we now support the native .PcbLib file format. (Previously we supported the .IntLib for symbols & footprints, and .lia for footprint-only downloads.)


New KiCad Plugin released

We released a new KiCad plugin to make it easier for engineers to access CAD content. It allows engineers to search, discover, and download content for electronic components directly from within KiCad. It can be downloaded on our Plugins page.

Kicad Login.png

New DC-DC converters from CUI

We have added symbols & footprints for CUI Inc.'s DC-DC converters. These converters offer ultra-wide voltage ranges and high efficiencies of up to 82%.

Check out an example part here: https://bit.ly/3hdDjVr

Annotation 2020-09-04 094302.png