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You can now find pricing & availability for electronics components stocked by The pricing can be found in the Pricing tab and button on the part pages, and also in our search (pro tip: click on a product's price in search to see all available options.)

Founded in 1999, has an inventory of 400,000+ in-stock parts from a selection of more than 300 suppliers. Welcome to the SnapEDA community,!


.PcbLib format now supported for Altium footprints

For footprint-only Altium downloads, we now support the native .PcbLib file format. (Previously we supported the .IntLib for symbols & footprints, and .lia for footprint-only downloads.)


New KiCad Plugin released

We released a new KiCad plugin to make it easier for engineers to access CAD content. It allows engineers to search, discover, and download content for electronic components directly from within KiCad. It can be downloaded on our Plugins page.

Kicad Login.png

New DC-DC converters from CUI

We have added symbols & footprints for CUI Inc.'s DC-DC converters. These converters offer ultra-wide voltage ranges and high efficiencies of up to 82%.

Check out an example part here:

Annotation 2020-09-04 094302.png

Check how many InstaPart credits you have left with the new status badge

Based on popular request, we've added a status badge so that you can easily track how many InstaPart credits you have left. SnapEDA is completely free (and always will be) but if you need a part very quickly that isn't in our library yet, we have the ability to request high-quality parts that are created and verified by our experienced component engineers.

You'll find the badge on the right side of the header. You can load InstaPart credits here. Each credit will allow you to request any symbol & footprint, which are component engineers will create, verify, and send to you within 24h.

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Find pricing & availability from distributors in search

Supply chain availability is an important aspect of selecting parts, which is why we added distributor pricing right in search. Simply click on the average price value to see inventory from top distributors like Digi-Key, Mouser, & Arrow - as well as suppliers who sell direct like Samtec, Texas Instruments, TE Connectivity, NVE & more.


New headers from Virgina Panel Corporation

We’ve added new vertical and right-angle headers from Virginia Panel Corporation. The VTAC vertical headers can be configured as backplane and daughterboard connectors while right-angle inserts can relieve PCBs and secure COTS connectors in place.

Check out an example part here:

Annotation 2020-08-24 233325.png

New edge card connectors from CarlisleIT

Symbols and footprints are now available for CarlisleIT’s card edge connectors. Available in surface mount and edge mount options, these connectors offer excellent signal integrity and performance up to 32 Gbps. They are optimized for 100-ohm signaling systems. See an example here:


PADS exporter updated to support surface mount libraries with pads on bottom of board

We've updated our PADS exporter to support surface mount components with pads on the bottom layer. When generating the Gerber for your design in PADS Layout, you will now see the bottom copper pads.


Search filters added for finding CAD models much faster

Searching for a part on SnapEDA has just gotten easier! With the new search filters added, engineers can now filter the parts they're looking for by:

  • Datasheet
  • Data availability (Symbol, Footprint, 3D model and Simulation model)
  • Manufacturer
  • Compliance
  • Stock availability