Team SnapEDA updates
Team SnapEDA updates

SnapEDA is now available within Proteus PCB design software

SnapEDA’s CAD model search and download is now integrated into Proteus Design Suite v8.12. This new feature allows engineers to search among millions of electronic components from within Proteus and seamlessly import them into their designs. Learn more on our blog.

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SnapEDA makes it easier for DipTrace users to look for parts

Our recent collaboration with DipTrace lets their users access the SnapEDA search engine without having to leave their environment! We’ve included a plugin that allows them to search and place CAD models, download 3D models, and other functions that can help engineers in looking for parts in a much more efficient way.

Learn more about it on our blog

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You can now search and place SnapEDA parts from within ExpressPCB.

With ExpressSCH Plus™ and ExpressPCB Plus® version 3.0, engineers can access our full search engine, easily place CAD models, and view datasheets without leaving their PCB design environment.

Learn more on our blog.


4.5x faster browsing for engineers in China 🇨🇳

We're pleased to share that SnapEDA is now 4.5x times faster for engineers using the website from China. We hope this helps you to design electronics faster and better.


New Switchcraft CAD models on SnapEDA

We’ve added 850 new CAD models for Switchcraft products, including coaxial connector (XLR & DIN) and power jacks.

The symbols provided for Switchcraft models follow the standards set by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). The manufacturing standards were set by Switchcraft’s engineering team, and include a solder mask expansion of 0.254mm for non-plated through holes. Additionally, these models were created to allow for panel-mounted connectors to also be PCB mountable.

Learn more here

Custom solder paste and solder mask are now properties of the pads in Altium

Custom solder paste and solder mask are now properties of the pads in Altium. Before this update, we were adding extra objects to design custom solder paste and mask shapes but now, you’ll be able to see the dimensions of these shapes in the properties of the pads!

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Batch export your personal parts library to Altium

You have now the ability to not just create your own personal parts library but also batch export symbols, footprints, and 3D models as an integrated Altium library file!

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3D models are now merged within the KiCad footprints

We asked engineers what we could do to continue improving the KiCad CAD models we provide on SnapEDA and one of the top requests was to merge 3D models into the footprint. This is now live for parts with a 3D model present!


Native slotted holes for Allegro footprints

We’re now natively supporting slotted holes for Allegro footprints, if you download parts that have slotted holes, you’ll find a padstack file with all the information about them. You don’t have to manually modify the size and shape of the slotted hole anymore!

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Support for oval shape SMD pads in KiCad

We’re excited to share that we are now natively supporting oval shape SMD pads in KiCad! You can check an example here.