TAPN.TO updates
TAPN.TO updates

Reports and improvements





Yet another bumper update from us again.




[StoreManager] More reports! We released we lacked any kind of useful and usable reports, to make up for it we have just launched 7! Yes! 7 reports. The reports that we have launched are:

  • Sales by Product
  • Sales by Category
  • Sales by Hour
  • Collection / Delivery Split
  • Customer Breakdown
  • Cash / Card Split
  • Promotions
  • VAT Breakdown

You should see these in the sidebar now under "Reports". With up and coming updates we will introduce the ability to export them to Excel and CSV. If you want to see your favourite report available for use let us know and we will look at adding it.

[SystemWide] We now support multi currency! We now support Euros, USD, AUS and of course GBP. I you need your currency changed please raise a ticket with support.


Bug Fixes


[OrderPrinter] We found an issue where audio on OrderPrinter wouldn't stop when a new order was missed and auto declined by the system. This has now been told to keep quiet when auto declined.

[StoreFront] A issue arose with the time slots when a store is open over 12am leading to incorrect slots being shown for that day. Slots are now correct when the time gets closer to 12am.

[StoreFront] Improved the reliability of releasing unused slots of abandoned orders.


As always if you have any questions please email us: support@tapnto.co.uk

Happy Selling