Improved resource links!

When you turn resource links on and off it actually stays the same instead of creating a new link every time. This makes sure that you only have to sent one link (and only one!) to each partner, speaker etc.

Furthermore, it is now possible to delete the expiration day of external links and the new ones you create are way shorter!

Tickets now default to "infinite" amount

When you create a new ticket they now default to "infinite" amounts available.

New improved Dashboard!

We have removed a lot of clutter from our Dashboard, making it easier to actually look at the data important to you!

Create event has been streamlined!

Creating an event has been way more streamlined allowing you to create an event faster and easier than ever before! Furthermore, we had introduced the feature that if you have not created any events ever before in your organization, you end up directly in the create event flow, so you can easily kick-start your usage of Tame!

Bug fixes

  • When you hit enter on an input field you were tossed to the top of the page, now you can stay put where you are and hit enter all you want!
  • We had a checkmark that felt like being on the left side of things, it is now back square in the middle!
  • A delete icon from the checklist drawer has been off foraging but has now safely returned
  • We had a pen icon that got too close to the title of an email template, so it has now been moved a bit more to the right
  • Our timetables were dancing around when you resized the browser window, we politely asked them to stop and try and stay put
  • The colour of the "Create new password" button in our "Forgot password" emails have been updated to properly fit our amazing brand.
  • The functionality where you could customize headers in the website builder did not work, but the issue has now been resolved
  • We had a ghost from the past in the shape of our old logo on the sign up page, this has now been successfully dealt with
  • Our tool tip icons all had different sizes, they are now all the same size!
  • We had some customization titles that bounced around and a pencil icon that had misplaced itself, we talked it through and everything should now be back in place
  • There was no text overflow on our custom form fields (whoops), this has now been resolved so you can always read all the text!
  • We had some inconsistencies with regards to the use of capital letters, but everything is now in line with how it should be again
  • Hitting escape when editing an email title had some odd behaviour where it saved the title while removing it (like what), but this has now been resolved so when you hit escape it simply discards your unsaved changes
  • We had a button in our resource links (the links you can sent to speakers, partners, etc.) that was off-center, it has been moved back to be placed dead center again!
  • You were not able to add event tags and they also looked kinda weird, this has now been fixed

All checkboxes in Excel export in attendees!

When you export attendee data and have a checkbox custom form field all selected options gets exported. Furthermore, we ensured that even though a given custom field has never gotten any data ever it is also exported as a column (with a lot of empty cells!)

There can be only one graph!

We have decided to remove everything but the ticket graph in the dashboard of an event. This was to ensure less visual pollution and simplifying your workflow!

Bug fixes

  • The "Forgot password" link pointed to sign-up on the sign-in page (whoops!) this has now been resolved so you can actually reset your password now!
  • We showed two different timezones in the my events page (when you hovered over an event), even though the event only has 1 timezone. This has now been fixed, so we show the correct timezone everywhere!
  • There was a bug when you saved session information in a speaker link, it never got transferred to the session within the tool. This has now been resolved!
  • When you click on an order the price was always 0, even though it said something different in the list view. This has now been fixed so you can see the paid price both in the drawer and the listview, pretty nice huh?
  • We had a specific speaker link not working due to an edge case, this has now been resolved!
  • We had some tickets tabs that wanted to be different than the rest with regards to their placement, however we had a chat with them and resolved the issue making everything aligned.
  • A space went missing when creating an event, we looked everywhere and finally found it hiding between some other spaces, but it has now successfully returned!

Bug fixes

  • We had an issue where dietary preferences were not saved when updated through the speaker link, this has been resolved!
  • We had dropped an S from the Orders tab, we went back and picked it up bringing the s back in orders.
  • We had an incredibly annoying bug where it was never possible to close our calendar pop-up (it also followed you around), this has now been fixed, so you can open and close as many calendar pop-ups as you wish!
  • We had an issue where the timezone of the event was displayed wrongly at the events overview, this has now been fixed.
  • You were not able to change the avatar of an attendee, but now this is possible again!

Custom Fields are now called Custom Forms!

We have decided to re-name custom fields to custom forms, as we thought that was a way better name!

No published changelogs yet.

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