🎫 Easier currencies! 😲

Remember how just last month we announced support for new currencies you could sell your tickets in?

Guess what, now you can sell tickets in USD (US Dollars), CAD (Canadian Dollars) & NOK (Norwegian Krones)! 💥 BOOM!

Wait, USD & CAD?... That's right!

You no longer have to be a European business to sell tickets with us!

Read more: https://tame.events/blog/2018/08/24/event-tickets/

Note: in order to sell tickets you are still required to have a valid Stripe account set up.

Introducing: Company Contacts!

We've been carefully brewing a feature that allows you to manage your vendors and contacts and we are stoked to announce it's finally here 😍 Hot!

Naturally, we suggest you reuse your contacts between events to save some more of that precious time of yours 😘 Go check it out!

Read more: https://tame.events/blog/2018/08/23/introducing-companies/

Event website: rearranging components

You can now rearrange individual building blocks of your event websites. Move it up; move it down; move it up again. Ah, so flexible 💃

It's now up to you to choose what your attendees get to see & in what order:

  • Speakers
  • Programme
  • Tickets
  • Venue
  • Org. Information

Event website: Programme design update

We've had some issues making sure the Programme is displayed in a truly beautiful way for the attendees. Welp, consider those issues gone forever.

We improved the design of the event website programme so that it now looks much better and fits more compositions 🤙

Event website: Publishing settings

We went the extra mile for you to have more control over what is displayed on your event website. 💥

You're now in full control of:

  • Whether the website is live or not.
  • Whether or not the speakers should be listed.
  • Whether or not the programme should be displayed.
  • Whether or not organization details should be displayed.
  • Whether or not tickets should be displayed.
  • Whether or not the venue should be displayed.

Now you can gradually release your website for the whole 🌎 to see! ✋

You pick the colors! 🎨

We created a color palette in event settings which allows you to customize the colors you use in the programme to give you more flexibility, stay on brand or if you just prefer other colors! 🤩

Faster purchase flow for free orders!

We shaved a few seconds off the purchase flow: there is now no need to provide billing information when buying only free tickets! 🎟


We created a check-in feature so you can check-in your attendees on the day of your event and keep track of who actually showed up! 🎉

Stay in the loop: in-tool changelog!

We figured you deserve to be notified as soon as we roll out updates. You can now get these updates without ever having to leave the tool! 🙊

Speak nothing but the truth!

No shame in admitting we had temporarily lost count of our active in-tool users!

Since then we've identified and fixed the issues involving certain views incorrectly displaying active/inactive collaborators.

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Tame will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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