Syngency changelog
Syngency changelog

Agent Commissions





For agencies that offer their agents a percentage commission of each booking, Syngency can now track these commissions and provide a report of amounts owed to each agent.

First, set the agent's commission percentage in the Account tab of the Users window:

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The default is N/A, which means that commissions are not tracked for this agent.

You can then set it to the percentage commission of the agency commission that the agent should be receiving:

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For example, if the gross fees from a booking are $1000, and the agency commission percentage is 20%, then the agency commission amount will be $200, and the agent's commission for this booking will be $20 (10% of $200).

You can then open the new Agent Commissions report:

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Which will show Booking Fee, Agency Commission, and Agent Commission totals across a specific timeframe:

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Clicking on an agent's row will display a full listing of bookings which make up that amount:

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