Full mobile accessibility

We're thrilled to announce that Syngency's entire user interface has been revamped to be fully-optimised for mobile devices.

While much will look the same on your desktop browser, this update provides much-needed accessibility for using Syngency from your smartphone or tablet devices.

The new mobile view provides access to a "stacked" menu and page layout,


Tables are now side-scrollable, so you can slide across to view more information:


Floating menus have been replaced with native mobile menus:


Modal windows now fit to the screen of your mobile device:


Everything you're used to accessing from your desktop browser, is available in a new mobile layout:



Set schedule status from talent list

Just a quick one this week!

If you need to quickly set a talent's schedule status from the list in the booking, you can now right-click on them in the talent list and set the status from the context menu:


This will set the status for all of the talent's schedules in the booking, saving you having to go through and set it for each one individually.

Package activity quick-search

Need to quickly check if a package has been sent to, or viewed by, a specific client? You can now quickly search for different terms in the package activity, and the list will be filtered by those terms:


Search by recent gallery uploads, and order files by latest uploaded

Often when casting for a brief, it's useful to see the latest media that has been uploaded to talent galleries. You can now easily search for talent who have had media uploaded since a specific date from the Talent Search page:


In addition to this, you can now list the files in a gallery by the order in which they were uploaded (with the most recent at the top). In the gallery menu, select List by Upload Date:


The files will now be reordered, and you can see the date they were uploaded by hovering over each file:


Note: You cannot drag/drop to rearrange the order while listing by upload date. To go back to the original sort order, just select List by Sort Order from the menu.

New talent responses for bookings

Now this has been a long-time coming!

We have completed revamped the response page talent use to accept or decline call times for bookings. They can now choose specifically which call times to accept or decline (previously it was accept/decline all), and add a message to the agent.


If the agent has talent response notifications enabled in their email preferences, they will receive an email with the details of which schedules have been accepted or declined, along with the message from the talent:


Packages - Email Selected Talent, and Create Casting Call

A couple of new features for Packages have just arrived, making contacting talent added to a package much faster and easier.

Email Selected Talent

You can now select talent in the package and click Email Selected Talent to automatically open the Send Email window, with the selected talent's email addresses already populated.


Create Casting Call

A new Casting Call can now be created from your package with just a click. If your Casting Package has groups of talent, these groups will also be added to the Casting Call, with the respective talent assigned to them.


Talent schedule durations

The Schedules section of a booking will now display both the individual duration of each schedule, as well as the talent's total duration for that booking.


This can be helpful for calculating overtime, or ensuring scheduling meets union regulations.

Note: Schedules set to "Released" will not be included in the total duration.

Set specific thumbnail and download original file for videos

Sometimes Vimeo (which hosts all of Syngency's videos) has trouble generating a thumbnail for a newly-uploaded video.

If you see an activity spinner, then Syngency is waiting for Vimeo to finish encoding the video, and generate a thumbnail:


If the thumbnail is Vimeo's default "stripes", then Vimeo has failed to generate a thumbnail for your video:


Sometimes the automatically generated thumbnail isn't one that represents your video very well. We see a lot of this:


Either way, you can now generate a new thumbnail of your choosing.

Just open the video in the gallery viewer, enter the second of the video's duration that you would like to create the thumbnail from, and click the Set Thumbnail button:


Syngency will fetch the frame from Vimeo and set it as the video's new thumbnail.

In addition to this, we've also added a Download File button to the video viewer window, so you can download the original file that was uploaded to Vimeo:


Large casting call send-outs disrupting access to admin

Over the last few months we have become aware of overall system performance being affected by casting calls being sent to large groups of recipients. This causes a significant delay to the loading of admin and website pages for a brief period of time:


The offending piece of functionality has now been removed, to prevent future incidents like this occurring.

Quite the spike though, eh!

Send packages to Contact Types

In addition to your individual Syngency contacts, you can now send packages to all contacts of specific types, and located in specific states/provinces:


This is very useful if you are showcasing talent to agencies in other markets, or introducing new talent to photographers. Selecting a contact type will send the package to the email address set for each contact of that type.