Improved reminder emails

We have updated the reminder emails which are sent each day.

Reminders set for Booking Usages, Talent Dates, and Agency Contracts will all be displayed in one email, with links to each in Syngency:

CleanShot 2020-04-01 at 15.35.52@2x.png

If you would like to receive daily reminder emails for the above, make sure you have checked Reminders under Email Notifications in My Account.

CleanShot 2020-04-01 at 15.38.07@2x.png

Precise talent location search

You can now search on talent's current locations, within a specific radius.

Previously, the Location field would only match on the name of the location. This wasn't precise ("New York" and "NYC" wouldn't match, for instance), and you couldn't search for talent who might be a close distance from that location.

Now, when you enter a current location for a talent, Syngency will store the co-ordinates of that location:

CleanShot 2020-04-01 at 13.21.47@2x.png

Which can be used to precisely search for talent within a specific radius of a location:

CleanShot 2020-04-01 at 13.20.48@2x.png

Talent results in a Location search will be ordered by distance from the location:

CleanShot 2020-04-01 at 13.21.12@2x.png

New "Divisions" tab – manage talent offices, divisions, and headshots

The Headshots panel, Offices and Divisions dropdowns have been merged into a new Divisions tab, where you can now manage the offices, divisions, and headshots for your talent.


Previously, if you were using global divisions (which we recommend), adding a talent to a division, meant they were featured in that division across all offices, with the same headshot.

The new interface allows you to assign talent to specific divisions in different offices, with a different headshot for each.

There are a couple of examples where this is useful:

  • Tia is assigned to both New York and Los Angeles offices – assigned to the Fashion division in New York, but assigned to the Lifestyle division in Los Angeles (not Fashion).

  • Tia is assigned to Fashion division in both New York and Los Angeles offices, but needs to have different headshots for each.

When adding talent to a new division, you can select the division specific to your different offices:

CleanShot 2020-03-30 at 16.05.25@2x.png

Select the default gallery for Casting packages. Automatically add images from a specific gallery to Gallery packages.

When creating new Packages, you can now select which gallery type you would like as the default gallery displayed in models' portfolios in Casting packages, or the gallery which all images should be added to the Gallery package from initially.

CleanShot 2020-02-26 at 14.45.22@2x.png

For instance, if we created a Casting package, and selected Runway as the gallery, then each of the talent added to the package would be linked to their Runway galleries by default.

When creating a Gallery package, all of the images from their Runway gallery would be added to the package by default.

This will save you a number of time-consuming steps when creating your packages.

New dashboard panels

We have upgraded all of the dashboard charts, and released two new dashboard panels for you to add to your dashboard layouts:

Monthly Revenue Trend

This displays the percentage change in billed bookings from the previous month.

CleanShot 2020-02-25 at 14.55.36@2x.png

Monthly Responses

This shows a breakdown of booking details sent to talent, and responses. Illustrated are:

  • Not Sent (grey)
  • Sent (yellow)
  • Opened (orange)
  • Accepted (green)
  • Declined (red)
  • Checked-In (blue)

CleanShot 2020-02-24 at 14.55.36@2x.png

Agent Revenue

The Agent Revenue window which appears when you click on a bar in the Monthly Revenue chart, has also been completed redesigned:

CleanShot 2020-02-26 at 14.49.33@2x.png

Address auto-complete for booking locations

Syngency will now query Google Maps for an address as you enter it in the Location form of a booking:

CleanShot 2020-02-13 at 11.53.25@2x.png

And replace it with the exact match:

CleanShot 2020-02-13 at 11.56.06@2x.png

Drag-and-drop to reorder resume items

Previously resume items were sorted by Year, but you can now change the order in which resume items appear, by click-holding on the "move" icon with your mouse, and rearranging the item's order with drag-and-drop.

CleanShot 2020-02-06 at 16.27.40@2x.png

This will be reflected on the talent's website profile, as well as the PDF export of their resume.

Auto-update all talent schedules in a booking

You can now update all schedules for a talent in a booking with just two clicks.

CleanShot 2020-02-06 at 16.56.28@2x.png

Right-clicking on the talent's name in the booking, and selecting a type under the Type dropdown, or a status under the Status dropdown will automatically update all of the talent's schedules to that type or status.

CleanShot 2020-02-06 at 16.55.35@2x.png

This is useful if you need to release all of the schedules at once:

CleanShot 2020-02-06 at 16.57.05@2x.png

Or set all schedules to Declined:

CleanShot 2020-02-07 at 09.55.35@2x.png

Select timeslots for recipients in Casting Calls

Previously the only way to set a recipient's timeslot in a Casting Call was via the response page linked from the email they receive.

You would need to preview the email, click the Accept button, and then select the time-slot, as the recipient would:

CleanShot 2020-02-05 at 12.48.30@2x.png

Instead, you can now assign a timeslot to a recipient directly from the Recipients list in the Casting Call:

CleanShot 2020-02-05 at 12.47.26@2x.png

This allows you to create and manage the casting call times yourself, if needed.

1099 Summary report for US customers

Just in time for the 1099 tax filing period, the new 1099 Summary report provides an outline of talent's earnings during a period, with a breakdown between Rates, Advances, Commission, and Chargebacks.

It also includes SSN/EIN and Address fields to ensure their information is up to date, and can easily be emailed to the talent as a PDF.

CleanShot 2020-02-07 at 10.22.45@2x.png