Faster deleting of selected gallery files

Selected gallery files are now deleted nearly instantly, as opposed to individually cycling through each file and deleting them one-by-one, which was a very slow process.

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Duplicate casting calls

As you can with bookings, you can now quickly duplicate a casting call by clicking Duplicate Casting in the dropdown menu next to the Save button.

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This will open a modal dialog where you can enter a Description and Date for the new casting.

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The dates of any existing sessions will be adjusted relative to the Date you select.

For example, if you have two existing sessions on April 15 and 16, and select May 21 as the date for the new casting, the new sessions will be dated May 21 and 22.

Talent Portal – Casting Calls

Casting Calls are now available for the Talent Portal!

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Your talent can view all the upcoming casting calls sent to them, and respond to them just as they would from the email they receive:

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If you're not yet using Casting Calls or the Talent Portal, and would like to find out more about what they can offer your agency, contact the Syngency team today!

Reviewing Updated Galleries

As your talent upload new files to their galleries, these will appear in the Updated Galleries panel on your dashboard.

Now, once you click on the gallery to view it, the item will be removed from the list.

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This way, you can be sure that only those galleries listed are yet to be reviewed.

Mother Agency Invoices report

A newly-added report you can find under the Agency section of Reports, is the new Mother Agency Invoices report.

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As with the Mother Agency Commissions report, this will provide either an overview of invoices for all agency contacts, or only for a specific contact.

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Talent Portal – Resume

Talent can now manage their resume from the Talent Portal.

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It offers them the same editing of their resume as you have in Syngency admin, with fields for Website URLs and Notes.

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The resume can be exported to PDF with a customizable template, and displayed on talent website profiles. Contact us today to find out how to get started with Resumes.

Custom skill types

You can now create any number of custom skill types from Settings > Types.


Select Skills from the Type dropdown, add a name – and enter an existing or new category – and the new skill will be added to talent's Skills tab:


Skills are pre-loaded with the Syngency defaults. Should you wish to remove an entire category of skills, please contact support, and we can easily do this for you.

Watch the video here:

Select multiple ethnicities for talent

As you can with Nationalities, you can now select multiple Ethnicities for a talent.


To update an existing talent, select your Talent > click Details > click the drop-down menu for Ethnicity, and make the appropriate selection(s).

Watch the video here:

Instagram feed preview for talent

Talent with public Instagram profiles connected to Syngency, will now feature an Instagram tab at the bottom of their profile, displaying the latest images from their feed.


Please note that Syngency stores a cache of these images, rather than loading them from Instagram each time, as fetching feed data has been heavily restricted by Instagram recently.

If your Syngency feed doesn't match the current Instagram feed, just click the Refresh button in the top-right corner of the tab, to fetch the latest feed from Instagram:

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Custom schedule types

A long-requested feature is finally here – you can now define your own custom schedule types for use with your calendar and bookings!

Manage your schedule types from Settings > Types > Schedules.

CleanShot 2020-04-14 at 18.33.09@2x.png

Here you can rename and change the colour of existing types, as well as adding new ones:

CleanShot 2020-05-01 at 18.39.26@2x.png


The Internal option sets one of three special properties, in terms of how it works with the underlying Syngency booking engine. These internal properties are:

  • Released – the schedule has been released, and is not included in booking details sent to talent or clients. This also affects what is included in reports.

  • Option – the schedule is an option/hold, and can be prioritised from 1-4 around other options.

  • Confirmed – the schedule is confirmed as part of a billable job.

These are all optional, based on your requirements. If you don't need a schedule type with a specific function like one of the above, you can just leave it blank.


You can only delete newly-created schedule types, or ones which are not yet associated with any bookings. Should you wish to transfer any schedules from one type to another so you can delete a type, please contact support.