SWTORBot changelog
SWTORBot changelog

Stuff is back!

Boss Drops

The end result of this is allowing you to ask something like:

What part does Soa drop?

With greatly improved accuracy. You can also look by just the operation name, as before:

What parts drop in Eternity Vault?

This part is new, you can now look up by part (replaces old tier lookup):

What boss drops ears?


  • Class Guides, Operation Guides, Flashpoint Guides, but better!


  • Guild Creator & Finder has been fully scrapped.


  • Fixed an issue with item recognition when it contained a hyphen.
  • Fixed various issues which occurred when the bot was in standby, it's now less groggy when you rudely wake it up.
  • Fixed a problem with some class names incorrectly spelled. I swear I know English.
  • Fixed a few other minor issues that did behind the scenes stuff.
  • Fixed an SSL issue a few days back which made most sites inaccessible, thanks CloudFlare.