SWTORBot changelog
SWTORBot changelog

GTN Search Improvements





  • When an item cannot be found it'll display what it search SWTORData.com for.
  • When there is no data available for the item it'll now be more clear that this is from the SWTORData.com provider and not an error with the bot.
  • The advanced item recognition algorithm is now default, as attempting to train the AI to recognize all the possible game items is damn near impossible. This non-AI solution is far more accurate. #praiseregex.
  • Slight improvement in display format and wording throughout.

GTN Item Catch





A newer algorithm is now online for GTN item searching, there were occurrences when searching that the AI would fail to understand the item you were searching for and tell you no item was in the query. A new, non-ai, fallback algorithm should now catch 80% of those occurrences.

Population no longer available





BioWare has opted to leave it's players in the dark in regards to population. As of 1/30 these numbers are no longer published and can not be determined by the bot or it's provider.

When you ask for population numbers now, you'll be redirected to the server status with the reminder posted above.

Future Operations





  • You can once again request future operation information.

(past information may not be immediately available)

Fix in testing





These fixes haven't been tested due to timing restraints. Please let me know how they work out.

  • Fixed an issue with daily operations reporting incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue with CXP bonuses reporting they were unavailable.

Experimental: GTN Lookups






You can now ask the bot for details on current in-game GTN market prices. As of now, we're only serving the current high, low, and average price. Once we've got a better handle on this we'll expand this.

You can ask the following to lookup for a server:

"What is the GTN price on Tulak Hord of Senya's Lightsaber Pike?"

You can ask the following to lookup global information:

"What is the GTN price on it of Senya's Lightsaber Pike?"

This feature is powered by SWTORData.com

Stuff is back!





Boss Drops

The end result of this is allowing you to ask something like:

What part does Soa drop?

With greatly improved accuracy. You can also look by just the operation name, as before:

What parts drop in Eternity Vault?

This part is new, you can now look up by part (replaces old tier lookup):

What boss drops ears?


  • Class Guides, Operation Guides, Flashpoint Guides, but better!


  • Guild Creator & Finder has been fully scrapped.


  • Fixed an issue with item recognition when it contained a hyphen.
  • Fixed various issues which occurred when the bot was in standby, it's now less groggy when you rudely wake it up.
  • Fixed a problem with some class names incorrectly spelled. I swear I know English.
  • Fixed a few other minor issues that did behind the scenes stuff.
  • Fixed an SSL issue a few days back which made most sites inaccessible, thanks CloudFlare.

Advanced Item Algorithm





This implements a new improved non-machine learning based algorithm for detecting items correctly.

This applies to crafting and vendor price look-ups as well as future planned features that use items.

Warning: Advanced Item Algorithm is currently experimental and has not been thoroughly battle tested. Adjustments in future are expected.

Event Alerts!





Now in testing: get notified when in-game alerts begin. As these change every Tuesday, we'll check for your favorite in-game activity and notify you when they begin. This has been a highly demanded feature for sometime, so we hope you'll enjoy it!

You can say something like:

Tell me when the Bounty Contract Week event starts.

The following events are currently supported:

Relics of the Gree
Rakghoul Resurgence
Bounty Contract Week

As with all other subscriptions, you can cancel by using:

Cancel my event alert for Bounty Contract Week!

NOTE: Due to the number of alert types, in order to better help the bot understand what you are asking, specify "event alert" or at least contain the words "event" and "alert" within your message.

Back-end Improvements

Today we're introducing.. well nothing but we did do some spring cleaning on the code. We're no longer lined up to be featured on Hoarders. As 2V-R8 tells us, "you should notice a point oh-oh-oh-oh-eight percent power increase".