We’ve introduced even more ways to earn cashback! 💰

When we introduced cashback in the Swipii app, we had no idea it would be so popular so fast! With the trials, we proved what we needed to prove - which was that users actually want to redeem cashback! 💸

We added Deals into the app first, and now you can earn cashback via loyalty programs too!

At participating businesses including Joanna Goodbite and The Amsterdam, you can earn cashback in 2 different ways:

  • With a Deal: Activating a Deal within the app and making a purchase in the business at the right time, and meeting the minimum spend. One transaction to earn bigger cashback percentages.
  • With a Loyalty program: Find a participating local business you love and give them some support with multiple visits. Once you’ve spent a certain amount in that business, they’ll reward you with cashback automatically! 🤑 You earn the cashback in the same way you would have earned points and rewards. Simple!

Image from iOS.png

With both Deals and Loyalty programs, the cashback will head straight to your Swipii Wallet.

Some businesses will still be offering the traditional points and rewards system, but you’ll see more and more businesses transitioning to cashback-based loyalty programs over the next couple of months! 🎉