Swipii goes freemium! 🚀

Are you a “try-before-you-buy” kind of person? Then boy, do I have news for you.

Swipii is now free for local businesses up and down the country to get involved in. We’ve completely changed our pricing structure, so you can try out a 1-reward loyalty program to see the awesome value of our app. It’s free forever, with no contract or payment details required to sign up 🥳

You now have three options if you want to sign up:

  1. FREE 🎉 You can get listed on the app and set up a 1-reward loyalty program.
  2. £28! 😄 With this one, you've still got your 1 reward but this time you supercharge your Swipii membership with access to our ratings and feedback feature.
  3. £38 🙌 A whole 3 rewards and all of the ratings and feedback data from your loyal customers!


If you want to upgrade in the future, that’s cool too! Then you’ll be able to take advantage of our ratings and feedback features, with more cool additional features in the pipeline as well.

Try out our slick online sign up flow here: https://swipii.com/business/