Start exploring with a whole new section in the app

For the last two weeks we have been hard at work on the final page of Swipii's base navigation, the Explore page (adding location-based functionality for the first time)🔭. This page will be your way to find new Swipii businesses near you as we add them in the coming months. It also allows us to move the Explore Nearby Businesses out of the Rewards page for a cleaner and more streamlined interface.

And in the spirit of cleaner and more streamlined... we have also added a new white colour scheme for our coupons. We think this helps to make the logos really pop and generally looks pretty great into the bargain😎!

Swipii Changelog Graphics.png

Other improvements:

  • Added skeleton loading image to the Rewards page
  • Tweaked the navigation of opened Specific Business information tabs

Bug Fixes 🐛:

  • Fixed a bug around the app sign in process