Say hello to Swipii Deals 👋

We’ve just introduced a new tab in the app to store all of the awesome Glasgow deals businesses are now bringing to Swipii!

You can head to the Deals section to view offers from businesses in your area, giving you cashback when you meet a minimum spend. Here’s how it will work:

Activate a Deal

Choose a Deal you like from our list of awesome cashback Deals. Remember, you need to have your card linked so we can add the cashback to your account 💳 Hurry! There’s only a limited amount available for each one 🏃‍♀️

Make a Purchase

Once you’ve activated the Deal, just pop into the business you’ve chosen and buy yourself some treats with your linked card 🍰 Make sure you meet the minimum spend on the deal to get yourself that cashback! 💰

Get Cashback!

Woohoo! If you’ve followed the steps above, we’ll add the cashback as Pending cashback in your Wallet. You’ll be able to withdraw your money when it becomes Available! Ker-ching 🤑


This is another way for folks to be instantly rewarded with the Swipii app and get cashback ASAP!

Remember folks, this is a pilot version of what we’ve got planned for the Deals section. Stick around to see what we build next 🚀