Customer ratings and feedback in Swipii For Business

A few weeks ago we launched a new feature which allowed Swipii users to rate businesses after each visit and then feed back why such rating was given. This was hugely successful with a high volume of ratings and feedback submitted in a couple of weeks! 🎉

We are now making this information visible to our business. This allows for two things:

  1. Know if you are doing well as business or not.
  2. Know what to continue to do well specifically or fix if need be.

Importantly, remember that these ratings and feedback are 100% genuine given they are only triggered by someone making a purchase in a Swipii participating business via their linked card. 💳👌🏼


This information is, for the time being, made private and only visible to business owners in their dashboard.

We're so excited about this feature, let us know what you think! 👋