Big update to our Merchant Dashboard for all Swipii businesses! 💥

For businesses using Swipii, the data in your Merchant Dashboard just got a whole lot richer 💪

From today, businesses with a Grow or Premium package will be able to see the data for each individual customer on their Customers page, including how much they have spent in a time period, the average amount they have spent with each visit, the average rating score and their number of visits. This will give you way more insight into whether you’re getting your best ratings from your most regular customers and whether there’s a link between your customers’ frequency and average spend. Exciting! 🤯


Freemium business? Never fear, as you’ll also be able to see the breakdown of customers and their spending trends. The only thing that will be different is the ratings will not be shown in your dashboard.

Sign into your dashboard now to check it out: