Merchant web v2.0

We launched our new website at the end of last year. Since its introduction, we have been busy adding content and collecting feedback. Now we hope that you can find answers to pretty much any question you may have on our card linking product.

We have also been busy refining the sign up flow for our business users and are very proud to announce that now, for the first time, business users will be able to create an account with just their name and email. From there, they can dive in to explore exactly what is required to get them into our app with no need for purchase. We hope that by opening up the whole process to curious businesses we can show rather than tell them why they should choose Swipii.

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But what are you waiting for? Why not check it out for yourself at

Customisable homepage

As we grow we want our users to be able to customise the app according to their history and preferences. We are doing that in two ways, the first of which is the replacement of My Available Rewards with Visited & Nearby Places. Now you will find those places that you visit on the app's landing page, giving you a true reflection of how you are using Swipii.

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Also changing is how users can contact us in the app. In the interest of establishing closer links with our lovely Swipii loyalty customers, we have added our phone number ☎️ and email address πŸ“§. We've done this so that you'll find it quick and easy to get hold of us to give us your thoughts and feedback. This is so valuable to us because it is the best way that we can take your tips on board to improve our product in ways that you, our userbase, most want πŸ‘.!

Search for businesses near you

Our first new app feature for a while is a brand new text-based search feature πŸ”€. Up until now you've had to be up close and personal to find Swipii businesses, and while we were only in Glasgow that was fine... Now we are rolling out around the country so we have introduced a search function so you can find Swipii businesses, wherever they may be! Search by name, address or by the content in the description. This is the first step to creating an interactive Explore experience that will allow you to find and grow your relationship with Swipii businesses.

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New website launch

The eagle eyed among you may have noticed that we had gone a little quiet on here recently. There's a simple reason for that. For the last few weeks we have been hard at work developing a new website which we launched on Monday. The new site gives us the opportunity to concentrate on our new card linking app and, for the first time, allows us to sign up new businesses to the Swipii loyalty plan online. This is huge for us and we're all proud to offer this service which is strongly in line with our philosophy. Now we are making it easy and affordable for small businesses to compete with the big boys by offering a technologically advanced loyalty scheme that simply works.Swipii Changelog Graphics.png

Start exploring with a whole new section in the app

For the last two weeks we have been hard at work on the final page of Swipii's base navigation, the Explore page (adding location-based functionality for the first time)πŸ”­. This page will be your way to find new Swipii businesses near you as we add them in the coming months. It also allows us to move the Explore Nearby Businesses out of the Rewards page for a cleaner and more streamlined interface.

And in the spirit of cleaner and more streamlined... we have also added a new white colour scheme for our coupons. We think this helps to make the logos really pop and generally looks pretty great into the bargain😎!

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Other improvements:

  • Added skeleton loading image to the Rewards page
  • Tweaked the navigation of opened Specific Business information tabs

Bug Fixes πŸ›:

  • Fixed a bug around the app sign in process

Explore your business-specific rewards in their own special part of the app

Ding ding! Round two. Having introduced the business specific Contact tab in our last major release, this week we are introducing the yin to its yang, the business specific Rewards tab. Now you can delve into your earned points and, more importantly, explore what you might like to spend them on.

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As usual we have also been beavering away on the app's backend in order to give you a faster, better and more bug-free experience.


  • Password reset landing page improvements
  • DB migration improvements

Bug fixes πŸ›:

  • User email account verification fixes

Find out about Swipii merchants in-app

After a couple of quiet weeks we're back once again with a renegade feature (sorry, couldn't resist). This week we've been hard at work to create a page where you can find out about our lovely Swipii merchants. As well as a short description of their business, you can also see where they are, get directions to their door with the help of your native mapping application, give them a call or even check out their website.

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Also present in this update are a few visual fixes to the history tab and a visual fix for our iPhone X users.

Improvements under the hood

We haven't posted here for a couple of weeks but rest assured we haven't been sitting on our hands over at Swipii HQ! We have been hard at work streamlining the app so that it will run faster, more efficiently and with fewer bugs. All of these improvements are aimed at getting us in the best possible position to launch some shiny new features in the next few weeks!


  • Introduction of dynamic merchant logos
  • Reduced the app size
  • Added confirmation before logging out of the app

Bug fixes πŸ›:

  • Improved storage reliability

Mobile: multi card linking and new "My available Rewards" design πŸ’³

You asked for it, we built it! You can now add multiple bank cards to collect your Swipii points. Oh yeah!

You will collect points with any of the multiple cards you have linked. These points will cumulate under your one Swipii account. Simple!

Remember: Points collected with MasterCard will show instantly in most cases, while VISA may take up to 72 hours. We are working to reduce this time for a better user experience.

Swipii 1.2.5 update.png


  • β€œMy Available Rewards” section has been redesigned to ease swiping and usage
  • General scalability and performance improvements
  • Small reduction in the app size for faster download and performance

Got any feedback? Let us know in your profile section of the app or at

We love it!

Mobile: push notification on point collection, improved designs and spoiler alert! Can you spot it? πŸ‘€

You can now be notified as soon as your points reach your account via push-notification!

Remember: Points collected with MasterCard will show instantly in most cases, while VISA may take up to 72 hours. We are working to reduce this time for a better user experience.

Push Notification and New Card Design.png

If you think you have missed points please contact us at, this helps us better Swipii.


  • Improved profile designs
  • Improved loading and design on card-linking screen
  • Reduction of activated reward coupon from 1 hour to 30min for fraud reduction
  • Numerical keyboard rather than text when inputting bank card expiry date
  • Beautiful new App Store and Play Store artwork

Bug fixes πŸ›:

  • Fixed invalid date message on card-linking screen which would appear even if the expiry date format was correct

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