Swipez updates
Swipez updates

Refund or reconcile online payment transactions

In this release there are 2 more additions that help to make your online payment management process more simpler.

Refund online transactions

There are times when you need to refund part or the full amount paid by your customer. Now you manage these straight from your Swipez dashboard. To refund a transaction login to your Swipez account and go to Transactions menu and choose the type of transaction you want to refund.

At the end of transaction listing click on the actions button and the choose Refund option


Next enter a reason for refund and either reduce the amount you want to refund or keep it the same and hit Submit. chrome_2020-12-01_11-03-27.png Your refund will be processed and the customer will receive funds back in to their account in 7-8 working days.

Reconcile online transactions

At times you receive a call from your customer that money has been debited but the transaction is still showing as failed!

In cases where the transaction is showing as failed you will see a Reconcile button in the actions menu


On clicking reconcile the Swipez system checks with the banks and gateways if the transaction is successful or failed. In case if the transaction is a success then the transaction status changes to success and both you and your customer get notified.

Note: The reconcile button will only against failed transactions.