Swipez updates
Swipez updates

New and improved user interface ✨👓🎨

This festive season we have given your Swipez interface a new look 😎

New dashboard

We have heard your feedback and incorporated key business numbers in the new dashboard. The dashboard now gives a quick overview of how your business is doing this month.


Menu changes

Your menu now has fewer items but none of the functionality you used has been removed. We have just allocated new sections for the functionality. For example the Data configuration menu is now Settings. This is the control panel from where you can administer all aspects of your Swipez account.


Your Reports too have been consolidated on one screen and access to your reports is now much easier.


Fonts and colors

We gone with a new font Rubik across the board. We felt using Rubik makes your data and numbers more clearer irrespective of the screen size you are using your Swipez account on.

Next, we have changed the colors to use our primary color (shade of turquoise) across the board. So all your main buttons on every screen use the primary color and the secondary and tertiary actions on a screen use lighter colors. This small changes makes it easier to focus on the main action on every screen.


App switcher

We have made it easier for you to switch between applications you are using in your Swipez account. Simply navigate to the apps icon on the right hand side top menu and switch between your active applications.

If you are interested in using more applications in your Swipez login check out the Available Apps option via the same apps icon.


Your thoughts 😍

As always, let us know your thoughts on the new look and feel. What do you like or not like about this makeover? Drop us a line or chat with us from your dashboard. Looking forward to hear from you 🙏