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Manage multiple billing profiles and GST numbers


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Managing multiple billing profiles and GST numbers for your company?

Need to attach the correct GST number and profile to your company invoice or bill?

Maintain multiple GST profiles in billing software

As an organization if you have multiple GST numbers you need to remember to enter the correct GST number with every invoice. This gets complicated as your billing profile like address needs to change as per the GST number.

To help solve this, we have introduced a new option called Billing profile in your Settings under the BILLING & INVOICING section. From the Billing profile facility you can create multiple billing profiles for your company with different:

  • GST number
  • Address
  • Billing contact number
  • Billing email id

Billing profiles you create can be attached while creating a new invoice format or template or also while creating a new invoice. Depending on the profile selected the appropriate values will be pulled.

Moreover if GST is applicable to your business then during invoice creation your tax values will be set as either CGST/SGST or IGST depending on the state selected in your billing profile and the state entered for your customer.