Swipez updates
Swipez updates

GST filing for ecommerce sellers

Along with the support for Amazon ecommerce sellers, we have added support for Flipkart sellers in this release.

GST filing for Flipkart sellers

Now your monthly transaction reports from Flipkart seller dashboard can be imported directly into your Swipez account. You can start submitting your GSTR 1 and GSTR 3B straight to the GST portal from your Swipez account.

With this your Swipez account now has support for Amazon MTR report and Flipkart reports for GST filing out of the box.

Support for ecommerce refunds

Your ecommerce reports contain refunds and adjustments. These too are treated and submitted to GST portal as credit or debit notes. With this you need account for refunds separately, Swipez GST system calculates and creates your credit or debit notes directly in the GST portal.

Stock transfer

At times you might need to transfer stock between warehouses of your ecommerce platform. In this scenario, you need create invoices and expenses between your two GST numbers. Your Swipez account can now handle this out of the box. Your uploaded data will be automatically processed and invoices/expenses will be created and submitted to the GST portal