Swipez updates
Swipez updates

Easier GST submissions

In this release we have made the GST filing process simpler. The GST menu options have been simplified.

UI changes

Your GST menu now features simpler options. chrome_2020-12-01_13-32-18.png

  • GST connection - To help establish a connection with your GST portal login
  • Invoices - Move the invoices created in your Swipez login or upload invoices from external sources like your Amazon seller central report
  • GSTR 3B - Prepare and save your 3B summary to the GST portal
  • GSTR 1 - Prepare and save your GSTR 1 to the GST portal
  • GSTR 2 - View your GSTR 2 and reconcile input credit

GST reports


A host of reports have been added to view your GST status and export data into excel sheets where required. Reports have been created as per accounting requirements that we have received from our merchants.